After Lambeth Country Show

The 2019 Lambeth Country Show was yet again a great success.  You can find out more about the weekend here on the Love Lambeth Blog.

As the Country Show loads out of the park the  EventLambeth and Lambeth Landscapes are focusing on what work needs to be done to help the ground and grass come back ahead of the busy summer period.


Lambeth Landscapes are on site working on selected areas this week.  They are vertidraining as the first step.  In the picture above you can see the tractor pulls a roller that has spikes on it.  The spikes make holes in the ground surface which  allow air in, which in turn works to decompact the soil and help the grass roots.  The small roller which is dragged behind the spiked roller levels out the ground surface and helps to address areas of rutting.  It’s key this work is done before the ground becomes to dry.

Over the coming weeks depending on the weather smaller adhoc work will be done to level out areas and sow grass seed.  However, with hot weather and no rain forecast work on smaller areas might be put off till after September.

Looking ahead to Autumn there will be a programme of ground works agreed to address areas across the park that need additional measure to encourage full grass coverage.  We’ll give you more detail on this work closer to the time.

Enjoy the sunshine.