BBQ Damage on Clapham Common

The Winterville fence removal will be completed today Friday 26th April a few days ahead of schedule and the grass is due for a good cut on Tuesday of next week at the latest.

As this area of the common returns we are now faced with new issues.

Over the Easter Weekend many people used the area taking advantage of the gaps in the fence line.  What was so disappointing to see is the multiple areas of burnt patches on the grass where disposable BBQ’s had been used.  You can see by the images that the grass has been burnt and killed and what is left if bare patches of soil.  These are attractive area for dog to dig up and holes develop.



Lambeth Park By-Laws prohibit the use of BBQ’s for this very reason and comes with a £500.  Here is the LINK  to the parks by-laws.  If you do see someone who looks to be setting up or using a BBQ do let the parks or events officer know.  Here is the phone number to call 020 7926 9000

Thank you for your support