Brockwell Park – paths are open and the fence is coming down

Field Day and Mighty Hoopla Festival took place last weekend.  This weekend the organisers are taking up the final parts of track way, removing the plant machinery and the fence line.  However during this final stages of festival de-rig all the paths are all open and the fields are accessible.  There will be vehicle movement and there will be work being done which might cause some localized noise but we are confident the park will be a welcoming and open space to enjoy.

Reinstatement work will also begin on the park.  Stage 1 will take place over Saturday and Sunday.  External landscaping company Talbots have been contracted by the festival organsers to undertake work to address the compaction of the ground, level out areas of rutting and relift and strengthen the grass.  This might impact on some areas for short periods of time.

  1.  Vertidrain – this process is used to de-compact the ground through aeration
  2. Chain Harrow – this levels out ground undulations and lifts the grass (which strengthen the roots)
  3. Overseeding – this is where additional grass seeds are put on existing lawn to encourage denser growth and mitigate against the wear on much trodden areas

There are plans in place around the full reinstatement of the festival footprint and on Monday we’ll agreed the approach that needs to be taken for stage 2 based on how the ground has responded to stage 1 work detailed above.

There are other areas of damage that are being addressed and you will see them fenced off and we have signs up.  We’ll come back and give you more details on the work that will be done to reinstate these areas next week.

Below are photos of the park taken on Wednesday which show the main arena area of the festival.  With reinstatement work starting, sunshine and a bit of rain the park will bounce back quickly.  We  hope you have good weekend and we will keep you posted.