Clapham Common – Common Land Consent Application (2)

Public inquiry for Festival Republic event 2024 on Clapham Common


This page contains information about an upcoming public inquiry into the application by the London Borough of Lambeth for permission to erect temporary event fencing and structures at Clapham Common for the ‘Festival Republic’ event (August 2024).


1. Article 12 Application


The London Borough of Lambeth is applying to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs for consent under Article 12 of the Greater London Parks and Open Spaces Order 1967 to carry out various works on Clapham Common. The Planning Inspectorate will decide the application on behalf of the Secretary of State.
The Planning Inspectorate application reference is COM/3312935.
The proposed works concern the creation of a temporary event site on Clapham Common for a ticketed public music and entertainment event produced by Festival Republic in summer 2024. Temporary fencing and event structures (including event stages, big top style tents, concession stands, toilets and welfare facilities, back of house cabins and plant enclosures) are proposed to be onsite for a duration of 19 days.
Public consultation on the application took place between 9 December 2022 and 6 January 2023.
The application will be considered at a public inquiry. Details of the public inquiry and how to participate are set out below. A decision on the application will be published by the Planning Inspectorate after the public inquiry.


2. Public inquiry


When is the public inquiry?

The Planning Inspectorate has scheduled the inquiry to open on Tuesday 13 June 2023 at 10:00 and continue on subsequent days as necessary. The inquiry will be held virtually. It will be hosted by the London Borough of Lambeth via MSTeams and will be livestreamed.

The Inspector appointed to decide this application is Mr Rory Cridland LLB (Hons), PG Dip, Solicitor.

The draft programme can be found here: Draft Programme

What is the role of the Planning Inspectorate?

The Planning Inspectorate is a Government executive agency responsible for certain planning related and specialist casework in England. This includes casework about applications for various permissions relating to common land.

Who are the main parties?

  • The Applicant: Lambeth Borough Council, Civic Centre, 6 Brixton Hill, London SW2 1EG. Email:
  • The objectors: Those who made representations of objection to the Planning Inspectorate in response to the Applicant’s public notice and subsequently advised of a wish to speak; and
    • Those who respond to the Planning Inspectorate’s Notice of Inquiry to advise of a wish to speak.
    • The Planning Inspectorate anticipate publishing their Notice of Inquiry on the 21 April 2023. The notice will include details for attendance at the inquiry. A copy will also be posted here.


3. Observing and taking part in the inquiry


The inquiry will be held as a virtual event arranged by the Council and run by the Inspector.

Where and how will the inquiry take place?

As a virtual event, the inquiry will take place over the internet (or by telephone link for anyone without access to the internet) using Microsoft Teams, allowing those who want to participate to do so without the need to travel.

At present, the inquiry has been allocated 10 sitting days in order to hear from all those who may wish to speak. The current dates for the inquiry are Tuesday 13 – Friday 16th June, Mon 19th – Wed 21st June and Tues 27th – Thurs 29th June.

The inquiry is being live-streamed, and the viewing links are available below.

How do I observe or participate in the inquiry?

If you wish to watch the inquiry but not speak, you will be able to do so by following the links provided on this page.

If you wish to speak at the inquiry, you will first need to register your interest with the Council. If you wish to speak please email making it clear this what you like to do, by no later than midday on Mon 12th June. Please indicate any days within the inquiry you are unable to speak. If you are unable to email, please call EventLambeth on 0207 926 6207.

Any questions about access to the inquiry can be raised with the Council now by emailing

Public Inquiry Viewing Links

To access the public inquiry viewing links, please visit

Notice of Inquiry and Statements of Cases

Proofs of Evidence

Supplementary Core Documents

For additional supplementary core documents arising from day three onwards please visit

Application Form Documents


Site Plan and additional info

Supporting Documents

Further inquiry documents

Representations made to the Planning Inspectorate

Here is a link to redacted copies of representations that have been passed to the Council by the Planning Inspectorate: Representations made to the Planning Inspectorate.

The Planning Inspectorate has asked the Council to make these available online. Redactions of personal data have been made because of the Council’s GDPR responsibilities.

If you have made a representation and you would like it to appear online without redactions of personal data, please contact to let us know. Any other questions or comments about the format of these representations should also be addressed to

If you have said that you wish to speak during the inquiry and you have submitted to the Planning Inspectorate a speaking note or other note of your points, after you have spoken, the text of your representation including your name (but with your email address and where you live redacted) will be made available on this website. This will be done as part of the updated supplemental core documents, which are being made available for each day under the heading ‘supplementary core documents’ above.