Clapham Common Reinstatement Post Winterville

We want to provide an update to local park users and residents following the first month of reinstatement post Winterville.  It should be noted that all groundwork is paid for by the event organsiers.

On the 10th January a Site handback took place with with members of the CCMAC, Lambeth Landscapes, Councillors, Event Organiser and EventLambeth.  At this it was agreed that Lambeth Landscape would undertake the work and provide a quote based on the Agronomist recommendations from previous site visit.  The planned reinstatement works will be as follows;

  1. Topsoil

Around 80 tonnes of imported topsoil will be used to fill in of any ruts or depressions. This will consist ideally of a sandy loam to the current BS standard. Surplus soil will be spread evenly over more level areas subject to thinning ground cover.

  1. Verti-drain

When ground conditions over the site are sufficiently firm, the verti-drain treatment will commence immediately. A small fixture fitted to a smaller tractor with grass tyres may be used initially, but the aim will be to achieve as substantial a compaction relief effect as possible. This means using as large a combination of verti-drain and tractor as the ground conditions will allow. If the combination is producing undue damage to the surface, the operation should be delayed until ground conditions are suitable. All areas of the site should be treated.

  1. Over-seeding

Over-seeding will commence as soon as the verti-drain operation has completed, using a 100% dwarf perennial ryegrass seed mix. A standard sowing rate of 35 g/m2 will be adopted over all areas obviously affected by the event. Areas where almost all ground cover has been lost will require a rate of around 50 g / m2. If a standard pass delivers 18 g / m2, some areas may be treated to 1, 2 or 3 passes depending on the severity of the ground cover loss. A disc seeder will be used. Smaller versions (say 1.2 m width) will be more versatile in negotiating the varying shapes and sizes of the treatment areas. The discs should deposit the seed around 8 mm below the surface.

  1. Fertiliser

Fertiliser application will be suitable around early March when it would be appropriate to apply a granular fertiliser of analysis 14 : 6 : 6 or similar at a rate of 35 g / m2.

The rate at the work took place was governed by the Weather Conditions to avoid causing further damage through the movement of vehicles on wet ground.

Lambeth Landscapes have provided the following updates

WC 16.01.2018

11th and 12th January 2 days on site with slitting machine levelling ground,

Mon 15th Jan harrow chains now on tractor addressing rutted areas

16th  Jan had to withdraw after 4 hours as rain was constant and becoming too muddy, today slitting machine will now put on tractor and resume aeration and levelling,

80 Tonnes of soil onsite for the reinstatement.


Work today has been suspended because of wet conditions we have had.  A lot of rain over the past 24 hours and the ground is too soft to drive the tractor on, will check for tomorrow for a restart.


We have started work back on the event field, filling in any holes we having to this by hand as the ground conditions are too wet to drive tractors on, the ground is holding a lot of water some areas it is clear to see water pools.

We have removed 80mt of fence near long pond.

Ground conditions are too wet to carry out any tractor works at the moment and is prolonging repair works.

The site overall is looking so much better in terms of flat ground and grading and the grass is growing slowly.

On the 5th February 2018 a further site visit with the chair of the CCMAC, event organiser, Lambeth Landscapes and EventLambeth.  This was to look at the conditions and the work that had been undertaken.  It was identified that while there were some areas with very bad damage still needing work others could be unfenced.  Lambeth Landscapes will look at reconfiguring the fenceline to protect only those areas that are still damaged.  Due to the ongoing wet weather conditions levelling onsite needed to be done by hand.  Once the ground has dried tractors will be brought onsite to brush those areas that have been re levelled and to continue with vertidraining and chain harrowing.

Jet washing of the Vehicle entrance by Long Road will be undertaken.

EventLambeth continue to monitor the site and maintain a photographic record as well as liaising with Lambeth Landscapes around the work that has been undertaken.

There are no large or major events proposed for the Event Site until the Moonwalk.