Clapham Common Reinstatement Update


On Friday 16 March the Lambeth Parks Team, Lambeth Events and the organisers of Winterville met onsite to review ground conditions.

Good progress has been made across the site with slitting and top dressing being carried out across the entire area. Over the last few weeks repair works have been intermittent due to varied weather conditions. Works were interrupted due to the heavy rain on Sunday evening/Monday morning.  This resulted in surface water pooling in several areas of the event site. The impact of this has been that Lambeth Landscapes were unable to carry out works on these sections.  Snow is forecast for the coming weekend which will also impact on the ground and surface water.  However once the ground has dried out and machinery can be brought back on work will resume.

Temperatures next week (week commencing 19th March) should be suitable for Lambeth Landscapes to start seeding specific areas.  The areas requiring seeding will be assessed at the start of the week and it is anticipated that seeding will start on the middle area. The seeds should germinate with the right weather conditions and come through in two to three weeks. There is natural regrowth across the site and this will increase by the end of the month.

The fence line will continue to be reduced in the coming weeks including to the right of the vehicle entrance and top of the site. On the week commencing 26th March, it is hoped that the fence will be removed leaving three smaller fenced sections whilst further works and seeding take place on these. It is important to note that seeded areas will require initial protection therefore reduction of the fence line will coincide with this.

EventLambeth continue to monitor the site and maintain a photographic record as well as liaising with Lambeth Landscapes around the work that has been undertaken.

It should be noted that all groundwork is paid for by the event organisers. Please see previous posts for additional information about the repair works.