Clapham Common Update

Due to continued wet weather the repair works on Clapham Common event site have been delayed. There are large areas of surface water and ground conditions have not been suitable to bring machinery on to continue with reinstatement.


Winterville organisers have brought in a Landscape contractor to assist Lambeth Landscapes and accelerate final repair works on the event site.


The contractors will arrive on site 12 April with machinery and will review the current ground conditions. Works will commence on 13th April, subject to weather, and carry on through the weekend into next week. The works will include harrowing, rolling, deep verti draining and over seeding. These work are scheduled to take 7 days.  The seed germination will begin within 7 to 10 days.


During this time the fence will remain around the event area to ensure safe working and protect the areas requiring the repair works. Following this there will be a phased fence removal based on advice from an agronomist and contractors.


EventLambeth continue to monitor the progress of repair works and will provide further updates over the coming week.