Clapham Common – Winterville reinstatement – Phase 2 – Part 2

Clapham common – Winterville reinstatement – Phase 2 – Part 2


It has been just over 3 weeks since the last news post and a lot has taken place on the Winterville site.


  • Slow release fertiliser has been used across all of the site
  • Sections of top soil have been spread out
  • Seed has been sown
  • Sunshine has shone and will continue to shine


On Monday 18th February  through to Saturday 23rd of February  grass seed was sown.  The contractors used a disc seeder which slits the top surface of the ground, places seed in and then rolls the soil over the top of the seed is very close lines as well as releasing a portion of seed over the surface to fall in-between the lines.  They undertake this action in 2 or 3 directions to ensure a density of coverage.


insert photo here – attached


The seed will take around 2 or 3 weeks to germinate and break through the surface.  Once it germinates the root systems also spread out and begin to sprout shoots – thus filling in the gaps between the rows the seeds were laid in.


Seed needs temperatures of around 5 degrees to germinate and as you can see here the long range forecast is looking perfect for grass to grow.  The slow release fertiliser in the ground is also going to really help boost growth.


Winterville and EventLambeth will be doing regular visits to monitor the ground, the grass and the fence line.


What is really going to help is making sure the fence isn’t broken, dogs don’t get onto the ground inside and disturb the surface by digging and people aren’t jumping over and walking on fragile grass.  So do encourage every to take care of the area and if you see any damage or issues then don’t hesitate to get in touch let us know what needs to be done.