Clapham Common – Winterville Reinstatement – Phase 2


It has been just over 3 weeks since Winterville left Clapham Common and the large fence was replace with the current fence.


In this time the event organisers have undertaken a fine litter pick, harrowed the ground to break up surface dirt  which leveled out minor ruts and lift the grass.  Then they vertidrained to help de-compact the ground.

 Last week the EvnetLambeth  and Winterville agreed the second phase of work. 

 Pre and Post event ground surveys were compared and the scope of work was agreed.   

 Towards the end of this week or beginning of next (weather permitting) the contractors undertaking the reinstatement work for the organisers will bring on top soil to level out isolated areas. 

 The Agronomist also recommended use of slow release fertiliser to help the grass on the ground to recover which will also be undertake this or next week (weather permitting)

 The final phase of the reinstatement will then be the re-seeding.    The organisers shared the following information with regard to this phase with us today as part of their reinstatement interim report:


From first week in February onwards, regular inspections by the agronomist will aim to identify the earliest suitable opportunity for double and triple pass seeding.  This is driven primarily by the ground achieving a suitable temperature for germination of the grass seed.  While it is possible to seed in advance of this temperature being reached, it is likely that the result in a higher proportion of the seed being lost to rot or scavenging. Potentially reducing the overall effectiveness.


So it is a wait and see game on the seeding. However, what is evident is that the moment the conditions are right Winterville has their contractors ready to go. 

 We’ll have Winterville full Reinstatement Interim Report on our website in the coming days for further information.

 Please do get in touch if you have any questions and if you see any damage to the fence line then do let us know and we’ll get someone out to fix it.  You can do this by emailing