Could we have some rain please …..

The Verti -draining has been done to de compress the ground.

The chain harrow has been done to lift the grass and encourage it to spring back.

On Tuesday we began to lay the new turf in the first stage (pre Lambeth Country Show).

Now what’s needed is a good rain shower over the next couple of days just to get that grass growing.  BBC Weather isn’t forecasting any.  So Talbots are on the job and have their water bowser on the park watering the new turf areas and then onto the dry brown patches of grass.  However, if anyone has a good rain dance then do pop down to Brockwell – our new turf would be grateful.

Talbots also had a delivery of 20 tons of top soil today and they will begin to start working on areas where there were deep ruts and areas of uneven surfaces.

Working is progressing well and we’ll continue to update you.

Below are some pictures of the new turf going in.  It will be rolled and evened out and then the joins will knit together and the edges will be tided up.