As you will have been aware since our initial COVID-19 blog post, there have been a significant number of changes.  We are now entering the 5th week of lockdown, and the 6th week of working from home for EventLambeth.  In these unprecedented times, we have, understandably, seen a considerable change in our calendar.  At a time of year, when we are usually working with event organisers towards our Summer Season.  We  help the delivery of hundreds of public events and support street parties and events throughout the borough.

Alongside visiting our Parks and Open spaces we would be busy working with our colleagues in Lambeth Landscapes on the ground maintenance and preparation ahead of the event season.  We are used to being out and about in all weathers and at all times of the year. And along with the rest of the population, we are adapting and supporting our NHS and key worker colleagues by staying in and working from home.  We have been looking at ways that we can bring an online programme that provides all the fun of the digital fair!

If you have a favourite event that you have attended in one of Lambeth’s fabulous Parks and Open spaces, help us share those beautiful stories. Tell us what you are doing and what events you want to see come to Lambeth.  We want to hear about them and see if we can share them with as many people as possible.

If you’re one of our event organisers, help us keep the spirits up by sharing your best moments.  If you are one of our event attendees, you too can help us share your stories tell us your favourite events from 2019, 2018, 2017 ……..2007 ……..1997………..1979 …………………….  and keep in touch by following us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook

Remember to #Stay Home #Protect the NHS #Save Lives