Field Day and the Mighty Hoopla

Brockwell Park

1st-3rd June 2018

This is designed to give some further information around the events taking place in Brockwell Park this weekend and to answer some of the more frequently asked questions. This information is also available on the letter that was circulated to local residents.

Throughout the event, the main park facilities remain open to the public including the Lido, Tennis Courts, BMX track, Bowling Green, Brockwell Hall & Cafe, children’s play area and biodiversity gardens.


Event dates and timings are as follows:

Date                             Opening to public times           Regulated Entertainment timings

Friday 1 June 2018        13:00-23:00                                           14:00 – 22:30

Saturday 2 June 2018    11:30-23:00                                           12:00 – 22.30

Sunday 3 June 2018      12:00-23:00                                           12:00 – 21:30

Build & Break of the Event

The build of the event commenced on the 20th May and was a phased build to allow much of the event footprint to remain open and accessible to the public throughout the build and break. The event infrastructure was built in discreet compounds and pathways will remained open and accessible to the public for as long as possible. The break and de-rig of the event will conclude on the 10th June with a post event site check and handover with the Council scheduled for the 11th June.


Noise Control

Noise control measures have been formulated to minimise noise disturbance for local residents. Field Day & the Mighty Hoopla have appointed a sound management contractor to work with the Council to ensure the agreed sound levels are adhered to, both within the site and at agreed points adjacent to residential properties. In the event of a noise complaint, please contact Field Day & the Mighty Hoopla on 0203 886 0739 or a Lambeth Council representative on 020 7926 9793. Lambeth Council have an acoustic consultant who will be strictly monitoring sound levels on behalf of the Council and will be accompanied by a member of the Council’s Community Safety Team.


Traffic and Transport Management

The event organisers and Council aim to minimise the disturbance and inconvenience from people going to and from Brockwell Park attending the festival and have agreed a safe plan to do so based on lessons learnt from previous Field Day events as well as monitoring traffic and people flow in the area. From the previous ten years of Field Day at Victoria Park, audience data suggests that the attendees will not drive to the event. However, to mitigate the possibility, there are a number of soft road closures on the following streets, only allowing access to the residents of those roads: Arlingford Road, Brailsford Road, Trelawn Road, Brockwell Park Gardens, Bailey Mews, Carver Road, Masey Mews, Gubyon Avenue, Mervan Road, Kellett Road, Trelawn Road, Saltoun Road, Shardcroft Avenue, Stradella Avenue & Winterbrook Road. If you live on one of the above streets you will have received a separate letter which will act as your resident permit during these soft closures with further instruction. Event attendees will be advised through all communications that there is no parking available in the area.

Based on analysis of event ticket holders’ postcode data, it is anticipated that the vast majority of the attendees will travel to the event on public transport, with Brixton tube station servicing the main arrivals. Herne Hill and other local rail stations will remain open throughout, and also service a portion of the attendees.

Event organisers have been engaging thoroughly with TfL and Network Rail to build insight from station managers and previous Brockwell Park events into the plans for managing arrival and departure. Attendees leaving the event will be directed by large format signage to ensure the shortest route is taken to their chosen transport hub and destination. Signage will also instruct attendees to leave in a quiet and orderly manner mindful of our local residents.


Security and Policing

Ingress – (when attendees travel to the event) – There will be a deployment of security stewards positioned at Brixton Station, Windrush Square, the PC World / Halfords car park on Effra Road, the A204 /Brixton Water Lane junction and the park gate on Brixton Water Lane, to safely direct attendees along the designated arrival route and keeping people moving. There will be additional stewards positioned outside Herne Hill Station and at the pedestrian crossings adjacent to the Herne Hill park gate.

Event Security – Inside the event security will be located at every emergency exit, every stage and performance area, and at key bar and trader locations across the event. Exterior security teams will monitor the exterior event fence line and to direct attendees to the relevant event entry gates. In addition, security will be deployed at fixed positions to protect vulnerable park assets, including the miniature railway.

Egress – (when attendees leave at the end of event) – The Security will be deployed to support provisions along key egress routes; primarily the route to Brixton station. A heavier deployment during the egress period will direct and guide attendees along the designated routes back to the local transport hubs and allow the attendees to be pulsed (temporarily held and released) in order to safely manage the arrival rate at stations with finite capacities. This method will be implemented along the length of the Brixton route to avoid any attendee build-up in the immediate approach to the station. Dedicated egress security response teams will be on patrol and called to any incident where intervention is required. The park will be closed to the public and attendees by peak egress. To avoid attendees wandering unsupervised in dark areas of the park, fence lines will be erected to channel people safely along paths to the park gates on Brixton Water Lane and at the Herne Hill corner.

Refuse and Waste Management

There is a dedicated cleaning team to patrol the roads surrounding Brockwell Park during and after each day of the event. Should you have any waste near your property relating to the event please contact the Community Hub on 0203 886 0739 or Lambeth Council 020 7926 9793 and they will send a team to clear it. They are also adding additional waste bins on various points on the way to and from Brockwell Park and these will be cleared throughout. There will be Event Stewards positioned on the way to and from the event from the key transport hubs of Brixton & Herne Hill stations who are equipped to keep the area around their position clear. The alternative routes to transport hubs will also be patrolled on schedule, to cover areas used by those with local knowledge using alternative routes to the majority of the attendees.

Toilet Provision

There is dedicated toilets located along the route for attendees to use on their way into/out of the event. This provision has been encouraged by Lambeth Council and will be positioned at Windrush Square in Brixton, Halfords & Curry’s Car Park on Effra Road and Herne Hill Station as well as around the festival perimeter inside Brockwell Park. There will be relevant signage to accompany the toilet areas to discourage people from urinating in public or residential spaces. Stewards/security are briefed to direct people to the facilities.

If you have any queries for the event organiser prior to the event please email the Community Liaison Manager, Kelly on or during the event operational hours you can call 0203 886 0739. Their Community Hub is based on Railton Road and staffed throughout the event. Their team will answer your query as quickly as possible and inform you of our follow up action where applicable. Contact telephone number: 0203 886 0739– Operational hours and break days only.

If you want to contact the Lambeth Council Events team please email us on or call us on 020 7926 6207.  During the event hours please call the Out of Hours Number 020 7926 9793.