Making Events Sustainable – Lambeth’s New Green Event Guide

As part of the wider Borough plan, EventLambeth is committed to making sure all events are operating and being delivered more sustainably.

EventLambeth have been working hard over the past few months to create the new Lambeth Green Events Guide. This guidance has been put together in consultation with the Lambeth Sustainability Team and includes measures such as green travel initiatives, recycling systems, elimination of single use plastic, managing energy and water more efficiently, as well as choosing sustainable products, materials and suppliers.

We know the organisation, delivery and operations of events have varying forms of environmental impacts; requiring transport, consuming energy, water, food and materials, and producing waste and carbon emissions.  However, with the new guidance we can work with organisers to ensure they are reducing these impacts and making positive changes.

All events in Lambeth parks, open spaces, public highways and buildings are now required to adhere to the Green Guide’s criteria as part of the Terms & Conditions of hire for Outdoor Events and Indoor Events.

Read the Lambeth Green Event Guide and watch this space for more blog posts on how to make your event greener.