New Events Strategy 2016 – 2020 approved subject to recommendations

Dear Residents and Event Organisers,

We are writing to advise you that the Council’s new Events Strategy 2016-2020 has been agreed subject to a number of recommendations about how the strategy should be implemented.

Over the coming weeks we will be publishing the finalised Events Strategy with these recommendations and will set out how this will give the Council and local communities greater control over the scale and management of all events whilst ensuring a sustainable benefit to parks and local communities, in terms of income, resources and reputation.

This strategy offers:

  • Greater control of events at local level
  • Increased revenue through a limited number of high quality major commercial events – up to eight days a year in five key zones across the borough
  • Lambeth maintains its pioneering position of sharing events income with parks across the borough
  • Updated Guidance for Control of Sound at Outdoor Events 2016
  • Support to local communities in better management and organisation of events
  • Lambeth charities and community groups get 50% reduction on event costs
  • Puts Lambeth on an equal footing in a highly competitive market
  • Offers value for money for Lambeth residents
  • Supports a diverse programme of events across Lambeth
  • Maintains the annual Lambeth Country Show.

On behalf of the London Borough of Lambeth and EventLambeth, we thank you for all your feedback, cooperation and support in helping us to develop the new Events Strategy.

For more information on the Events Strategy 2016-2020 please see the cabinet report

Yours faithfully,

Lee Fiorentino

Head of Events Service