Clapham Common Update

Due to continued wet weather the repair works on Clapham Common event site have been delayed. There are large areas of surface water and ground conditions have not been suitable to bring machinery on to continue with reinstatement.   Winterville organisers have brought in a Landscape contractor to assist Lambeth Landscapes and accelerate final repair works on the event site.   The contractors will arrive on site 12 April with machinery and will review the current ground conditions. Works will commence on 13th April, subject to weather, and carry on through the weekend into next week. The works will include harrowing, rolling, deep verti draining and over seeding. These work are scheduled to take 7 days.  The seed germination will begin within 7 to 10 days.   During this time the fence will remain around the event area to ensure safe working and protect the areas requiring the repair works. Following this there will be a phased fence removal based on advice from an agronomist and contractors.   EventLambeth continue to monitor the progress of repair works and will provide further updates over the coming week.   ... read more

Clapham Common Reinstatement Update

  On Friday 16 March the Lambeth Parks Team, Lambeth Events and the organisers of Winterville met onsite to review ground conditions. Good progress has been made across the site with slitting and top dressing being carried out across the entire area. Over the last few weeks repair works have been intermittent due to varied weather conditions. Works were interrupted due to the heavy rain on Sunday evening/Monday morning.  This resulted in surface water pooling in several areas of the event site. The impact of this has been that Lambeth Landscapes were unable to carry out works on these sections.  Snow is forecast for the coming weekend which will also impact on the ground and surface water.  However once the ground has dried out and machinery can be brought back on work will resume. Temperatures next week (week commencing 19th March) should be suitable for Lambeth Landscapes to start seeding specific areas.  The areas requiring seeding will be assessed at the start of the week and it is anticipated that seeding will start on the middle area. The seeds should germinate with the right weather conditions and come through in two to three weeks. There is natural regrowth across the site and this will increase by the end of the month. The fence line will continue to be reduced in the coming weeks including to the right of the vehicle entrance and top of the site. On the week commencing 26th March, it is hoped that the fence will be removed leaving three smaller fenced sections whilst further works and seeding take place on these. It is important to... read more

Damage to Streatham Common

EventLambeth is aware of the ground damage on Streatham Common from the Circus Zyair vehicles.  This is not something that we condone and work was done by the events team on consultation with Lambeth Parks service to ensure that the event organiser had adequate protection and plans in place to manage careful vehicle movement.  These were agreed, however unfortunately the road works on Streatham Common South meant that the vehicle carrying the ground protection track way delivery couldn’t get through. Parks and events officers have visited the Common yesterday to record the damage that is visible at present and so the reinstatement plans can start to be drawn up.  These will be undertaken by Lambeth Landscaping although if they don’t have the staff capacity we will bring in an external contractor so that the work is completed as quickly as possible.  The event is due to egress on Tuesday and we will be asking the organiser to provide a detailed plan of how they will manage this to prevent further damage.  The event organiser is aware that they are responsible for the costs of all reinstatement.  We have asked the organiser to fill in the deepest ruts while they are onsite to reduce the likelihood of trips and to put down additional matting between the big top and the toilets and along the path that the big top is off as it was noted yesterday people queuing to get in to the circus with buggies etc meant that those wanting to walk along the path had to step off on to the grass. Going forward the events team will... read more

Winterville Reinstatement Update

We want to provide a further update to local park users and residents about the reinstatement works following Winterville. On the 22nd February Lambeth Events, Lambeth Landscapes and Winterville organisers met onsite to review progress. Due to ongoing wet weather the 22nd February was the  first day Lambeth Landscape were able to use machinery.  Prior to this day they had been working as best they could without using the tractor or vehicles.  Slitting is now being carried out to spread and level out the top dressing as well as aerate the ground. This process pulls out any debris on the ground which is then removed by hand.   The Landscapes Team also begun to chain harrowing to further level out the area including the entrance. There are three separate areas that remain too wet and ground too soft for machinery to work on.  There is a clear improvement on the middle section and the left side (from vehicle entrance) where the ground is level and a lot of grass is coming back. Furthermore the entrance from Long Road to the site has now been jet washed.  The fence line was brought in last week in two sections. The plan is to bring the fence line in much further, by the end of next week, whilst keeping the three areas that require further work fenced off. This is subject to weather conditions which impact on ability to carry out work. The rate of which the grass will re-grow is dependent on the weather. It is anticipated that most of the site will naturally grow back however in the spring the Landscapes... read more

Thinking about holding a Street Party?

If you are thinking about holding a Street Party this year then here is all the information you’ll need.  We have updated our online application form and guidelines to make it quicker and simpler. Application dates: The date for your party is between 1 April  to 31 May 1 June to 31 August 1 Sept to 30 Nov 1 Dec to 30 March Last date for applications 1st March 1st May 1st August 1st Nov   We had a lot of feedback last year that our application process was a bit cumbersome so we have created a new website page with all the information you need and link to other sites that will help you plan a safe and fun day. But most importantly we have created a new online application form specifically for Street Parties.   Here is the link to the new website page   Lambeth Council continues to support our local communities and there will be no cost again this year to hold a street party.  There is a hire fee for the road signs and barriers as this service is provided by an external company.   Street Parties are small local gatherings with no commercial activity and take place between 10am and 8pm. If you wish to add additional activity to your Street Party we will work with you on this but it would be considered a ‘Street Event’ and could incur costs.   LambethEvents team manage street parties and you can contact us on or phone 020 7926... read more

Clapham Common Reinstatement Post Winterville

We want to provide an update to local park users and residents following the first month of reinstatement post Winterville.  It should be noted that all groundwork is paid for by the event organsiers. On the 10th January a Site handback took place with with members of the CCMAC, Lambeth Landscapes, Councillors, Event Organiser and EventLambeth.  At this it was agreed that Lambeth Landscape would undertake the work and provide a quote based on the Agronomist recommendations from previous site visit.  The planned reinstatement works will be as follows; Topsoil Around 80 tonnes of imported topsoil will be used to fill in of any ruts or depressions. This will consist ideally of a sandy loam to the current BS standard. Surplus soil will be spread evenly over more level areas subject to thinning ground cover. Verti-drain When ground conditions over the site are sufficiently firm, the verti-drain treatment will commence immediately. A small fixture fitted to a smaller tractor with grass tyres may be used initially, but the aim will be to achieve as substantial a compaction relief effect as possible. This means using as large a combination of verti-drain and tractor as the ground conditions will allow. If the combination is producing undue damage to the surface, the operation should be delayed until ground conditions are suitable. All areas of the site should be treated. Over-seeding Over-seeding will commence as soon as the verti-drain operation has completed, using a 100% dwarf perennial ryegrass seed mix. A standard sowing rate of 35 g/m2 will be adopted over all areas obviously affected by the event. Areas where almost all ground... read more

Brockwell Park 2018 proposed events update

Lambeth Council events team are in discussions with the organisers of Lovebox and Field Day who have met with local residents, park stakeholders and councillors. As with all proposed events, there are several layers of rigorous scrutiny that include licensing, Safety Advisory Group and planning permission before an event can proceed. Throughout that process, the views and concerns of residents are carefully considered.  For more information on the events policy, protocols and processes download our EventLambeth Events Guide Lambeth Council’s Events Strategy, adopted in 2016 ,  limits the number of major events in the borough’s parks and open spaces and also guaranteed a proportion of the income from commercial events is reinvested in parks, supporting community events and infrastructure.  An event such as Field Day could see tens of thousands of pounds going back to Brockwell Park but our priority is that events in Lambeth are safe, well run and the impact on the landscape and residents is carefully managed. If you require any information please contact the Events Team on 02079266207 or email... read more

Lambeth Fireworks launch at Brockwell Park this November

A Night At The Movies event is hosted by Westworth Kemp, the festival of fireworks will include a spectacular display, live entertainment and over 20 mouth-watering street food traders. Guests can take a trip to Hollywood for the day on Saturday 4th November with Lambeth Fireworks for A Night At The Movies, featuring an incredible display of high octane pyrotechnics against the backdrop of an epic mix of movie blockbuster soundtracks. The display will be a breathtaking adventure through some of the most-loved movies from the past six decades. Not just a fireworks display… Lambeth Fireworks will offer a wealth of all-day entertainment for the whole family. Kicking off the action from 5pm will be live music and entertainment from local performers as well a funfair with rides for all ages. On top of the entertainment, the event welcomes 20 amazing food traders, including Memphis BBQ masters Porky’s, delicious hotdogs from Gut Wurst, wood fired pizzas from Dough & Deer, steak courtesy of POP Brixton favourites 28 Well Hung and mac ‘n’ cheese from Mac to the Future. There will also be bars serving refreshments across the event. So come down and join the fun! There will be a limited number of tickets available this year, and the event is expected to sell out prior to the day. Tickets currently on sale at £4 for Kids and £8.50 for Adults until 18th October, when prices will increase. Family tickets are also available from £25 for a limited time only. Children under 3 go free. And for an even more unforgettable experience… Take advantage of the Premier Viewing Experience, allowing... read more

Brockwell Park update from EventLambeth

Parks litter and waste management: Due to budget cuts the Parks service have had to review the Grounds Maintenance specification. They, unfortunately, cannot afford to employ weekend staff between October and March. The weekend litter picking service starts in April and runs through to September. We confirmed with the event organisers Gung-Ho to provide adequate euro litter bins and waste management for their event attendees and this was appropriate for the event, well managed and dealt with as per their plans.  Due to the warm sunny weekend, there was a greater number of people using the regular park bins in the area which would have meant bins were full. The images taken on Twitter showed beer cans and bottles of alcohol, takeaway containers and not your normal family fitness charity event fare. So while we agree there would have been an uplift in numbers in the park attributed by the event, the waste management plans in place for the event were appropriate to address this. Moving forward we have suggested to our colleagues in Parks, as we do with Veolia for street cleaning, requesting extra measures during large and major events taking place in the park which will help mitigate future problems from non-event related litter and the impact. This will include some additional waste collection during events that warrant this during sunny weekends and using Lambeth Landscapes for waste management on smaller events. We will also work with the Parks team, and the Brockwell Park Community Partners around park user communication in asking people using our parks and open spaces to pick their litter up, place it in... read more

Community Risk Services are here to help

If your community group is planning on holding an event, it is important to ensure that you have event insurance in place to keep everyone involved safe.  Unforseen circumstances can ruin all the hard work and preparation that you have put into the event and could leave you financially worse off. Community Risk Services was set up specifically to provide insurance and risk management services to community organisations following requests from community groups themselves.  Formed from the expertise of the Risk and Insurance Team at Lambeth Council, Community Risk Services can help you navigate the often complex world of insurance and risk management. Community Risk Services operate on social enterprise principles and will be reinvesting a percentage of our profit back into community good causes (voted for by you). Our board of directors is made up from representatives from within the community and from Lambeth Council To get a quote today call 033 3344 7428 and our dedicated underwriting team can take you through just what your group needs to insure your event, without breaking the bank. For the full range of insurance policies provided by Community Risk Services why not visit our website – read more