Brand new shoots of grass – hooray!

  Although the long hot summer has been wonderful for use all, the grass across all our parks and commons have struggled. The last event on Clapham Common for the summer events season was SW4.  They left site on Friday 31st August but the contractors, Talbots, were on the event site from Thursday 30th August starting the reinstatement work.  They began with Grass Harrowing – this is where they scrape the surface lightly and break the top soil and any mud that has accumulated and lift up the grass.  Then they vertidrained the site– this is the process where a drum with tines on it that they roll over the ground and create series of holes in the ground.  This works to de-compact the ground and helps get air and water to the roots.  A few days later they came back and fertilised and disc-seeded.  This is a machine which has a blade the cuts a shallow channel which seed is pumped into and then a roller pushes the soil back over the top.  The majority of the event site was disc seeded 1 way and where there were areas of greater impact form summer events Talbots then went over these areas a further 2 times.   This process also leaves some seeds on the top of the ground and often where they have lifted the rollers to make a turn what is left in the pipes falls out onto the top of the ground.  These areas are evident by the clusters of birds.  The picture below is of the disc seeder on at work on Brockwell Park.   The... read more

Could we have some rain please …..

The Verti -draining has been done to de compress the ground. The chain harrow has been done to lift the grass and encourage it to spring back. On Tuesday we began to lay the new turf in the first stage (pre Lambeth Country Show). Now what’s needed is a good rain shower over the next couple of days just to get that grass growing.  BBC Weather isn’t forecasting any.  So Talbots are on the job and have their water bowser on the park watering the new turf areas and then onto the dry brown patches of grass.  However, if anyone has a good rain dance then do pop down to Brockwell – our new turf would be grateful. Talbots also had a delivery of 20 tons of top soil today and they will begin to start working on areas where there were deep ruts and areas of uneven surfaces. Working is progressing well and we’ll continue to update you. Below are some pictures of the new turf going in.  It will be rolled and evened out and then the joins will knit together and the edges will be tided up.... read more

Brockwell Park – paths are open and the fence is coming down

Field Day and Mighty Hoopla Festival took place last weekend.  This weekend the organisers are taking up the final parts of track way, removing the plant machinery and the fence line.  However during this final stages of festival de-rig all the paths are all open and the fields are accessible.  There will be vehicle movement and there will be work being done which might cause some localized noise but we are confident the park will be a welcoming and open space to enjoy. Reinstatement work will also begin on the park.  Stage 1 will take place over Saturday and Sunday.  External landscaping company Talbots have been contracted by the festival organsers to undertake work to address the compaction of the ground, level out areas of rutting and relift and strengthen the grass.  This might impact on some areas for short periods of time.  Vertidrain – this process is used to de-compact the ground through aeration Chain Harrow – this levels out ground undulations and lifts the grass (which strengthen the roots) Overseeding – this is where additional grass seeds are put on existing lawn to encourage denser growth and mitigate against the wear on much trodden areas There are plans in place around the full reinstatement of the festival footprint and on Monday we’ll agreed the approach that needs to be taken for stage 2 based on how the ground has responded to stage 1 work detailed above. There are other areas of damage that are being addressed and you will see them fenced off and we have signs up.  We’ll come back and give you more details on the work that will be done... read more

Field Day and the Mighty Hoopla

Brockwell Park 1st-3rd June 2018 This is designed to give some further information around the events taking place in Brockwell Park this weekend and to answer some of the more frequently asked questions. This information is also available on the letter that was circulated to local residents. Throughout the event, the main park facilities remain open to the public including the Lido, Tennis Courts, BMX track, Bowling Green, Brockwell Hall & Cafe, children’s play area and biodiversity gardens.   Event dates and timings are as follows: Date                             Opening to public times           Regulated Entertainment timings Friday 1 June 2018        13:00-23:00                                           14:00 – 22:30 Saturday 2 June 2018    11:30-23:00                                           12:00 – 22.30 Sunday 3 June 2018      12:00-23:00                                           12:00 – 21:30 Build & Break of the Event The build of the event commenced on the 20th May and was a phased build to allow much of the event footprint to remain open and accessible to the public throughout the build and break. The event infrastructure was built in discreet compounds and pathways will remained open and accessible to the public for as long as possible. The break and de-rig of the event will conclude on the 10th June with a post event site check and handover with the Council scheduled for the 11th June.   Noise Control Noise control measures have been formulated to minimise noise disturbance for local residents. Field Day & the Mighty Hoopla have appointed a sound management contractor to work with the Council to ensure the agreed sound levels are adhered to, both within the site and at agreed points adjacent to residential... read more

Streatham Common Reinstatement Update

EventLambeth and Lambeth Landscapes met with representatives from the Friends of Streatham Common to look at the common and areas for reinstatement. The main area of damage from Circus Zyair has been levelled and a large amount of soil (50:50 mix sand and soil) has been brought onsite to re-level the area and assist with the re-seeding.  The Lambeth Landscapes team were spreading the soil yesterday and will be following with re-seeding today.  The areas that fall outside of this main impact will be filled by hand. The cost for the reinstatement has been met in the entirety by Circus Zyair. There are also some other areas on the Common that haven’t recovered from previous reinstatement as we would have hoped so a separate company will be coming onsite to vertidrain, surface dress and re-seed key areas. They will do this once the Funfair leaves site. Bensons Funfair will be arriving onsite on Monday.  They have re aligned their site plan to avoid those areas that have recently been instated and will also have track mats down along agreed vehicle routes.  A member of EventLambeth staff will be onsite to meet them when they arrive to ensure that these provisions are in... read more

Streatham Common Reinstatement Update

  We want to provide an update to local park users and residents about the reinstatement works on Streatham Common following Circus Zyair.   Lambeth Landscapes have been working on the area however the continued wet weather over the last month have impacted the speed of repairs as the ground has been too wet to work on.   Chain harrowing was carried out on Friday 13th April on the outer sections of the event area. Over the last few days the middle section of the event area has dried out considerably and the chain harrowing can now be carried out on it .   Over the coming week slitting will be undertaken to further level the area and break up uneven sections. Top dressing will take place across the event area along with seeding, and the damaged areas near the paths and gate will be filled in and top dressed.   The event area is temporarily taped off whilst works are carried out for health and safety reasons. It will be removed when works this have been completed in the coming week.   EventLambeth continue to monitor the site as well as liaise with Lambeth Landscapes around the work that has been undertaken. It should be noted that all groundwork is paid for by the event organisers.... read more

Clapham Common Update

Due to continued wet weather the repair works on Clapham Common event site have been delayed. There are large areas of surface water and ground conditions have not been suitable to bring machinery on to continue with reinstatement.   Winterville organisers have brought in a Landscape contractor to assist Lambeth Landscapes and accelerate final repair works on the event site.   The contractors will arrive on site 12 April with machinery and will review the current ground conditions. Works will commence on 13th April, subject to weather, and carry on through the weekend into next week. The works will include harrowing, rolling, deep verti draining and over seeding. These work are scheduled to take 7 days.  The seed germination will begin within 7 to 10 days.   During this time the fence will remain around the event area to ensure safe working and protect the areas requiring the repair works. Following this there will be a phased fence removal based on advice from an agronomist and contractors.   EventLambeth continue to monitor the progress of repair works and will provide further updates over the coming week.   ... read more

Clapham Common Reinstatement Update

  On Friday 16 March the Lambeth Parks Team, Lambeth Events and the organisers of Winterville met onsite to review ground conditions. Good progress has been made across the site with slitting and top dressing being carried out across the entire area. Over the last few weeks repair works have been intermittent due to varied weather conditions. Works were interrupted due to the heavy rain on Sunday evening/Monday morning.  This resulted in surface water pooling in several areas of the event site. The impact of this has been that Lambeth Landscapes were unable to carry out works on these sections.  Snow is forecast for the coming weekend which will also impact on the ground and surface water.  However once the ground has dried out and machinery can be brought back on work will resume. Temperatures next week (week commencing 19th March) should be suitable for Lambeth Landscapes to start seeding specific areas.  The areas requiring seeding will be assessed at the start of the week and it is anticipated that seeding will start on the middle area. The seeds should germinate with the right weather conditions and come through in two to three weeks. There is natural regrowth across the site and this will increase by the end of the month. The fence line will continue to be reduced in the coming weeks including to the right of the vehicle entrance and top of the site. On the week commencing 26th March, it is hoped that the fence will be removed leaving three smaller fenced sections whilst further works and seeding take place on these. It is important to... read more

Damage to Streatham Common

EventLambeth is aware of the ground damage on Streatham Common from the Circus Zyair vehicles.  This is not something that we condone and work was done by the events team on consultation with Lambeth Parks service to ensure that the event organiser had adequate protection and plans in place to manage careful vehicle movement.  These were agreed, however unfortunately the road works on Streatham Common South meant that the vehicle carrying the ground protection track way delivery couldn’t get through. Parks and events officers have visited the Common yesterday to record the damage that is visible at present and so the reinstatement plans can start to be drawn up.  These will be undertaken by Lambeth Landscaping although if they don’t have the staff capacity we will bring in an external contractor so that the work is completed as quickly as possible.  The event is due to egress on Tuesday and we will be asking the organiser to provide a detailed plan of how they will manage this to prevent further damage.  The event organiser is aware that they are responsible for the costs of all reinstatement.  We have asked the organiser to fill in the deepest ruts while they are onsite to reduce the likelihood of trips and to put down additional matting between the big top and the toilets and along the path that the big top is off as it was noted yesterday people queuing to get in to the circus with buggies etc meant that those wanting to walk along the path had to step off on to the grass. Going forward the events team will... read more