Here are some common questions we get. When we get any more we’ll keep adding them to the list to help you as much as we can when organising your event.

I am thinking of planning an event in a Lambeth park. Do I need permission?

Yes. Lambeth manages 64 parks and open spaces, with 44 being used for events. You need to apply for permission to hold an event or run an activity in any Lambeth park or open space.

How do I apply for permission and how much notice do I need to give?

An application should be made to the Lambeth events service in the first instance. We require a minimum of three months’ notice for small events (fewer than 1000 attendees) medium events a minimum of four to six months (fewer than 5000 attendees) and six to 12 months’ notice for large and major sized events can be over 12 months.

I would like to do some commercial filming and photography in a Lambeth park. Is this classified as an event and do I need permission?

Whilst this activity is not classified as an event, you would need permision to film. You can apply online via FilmApp or contact 0207 620 0391 for enquiries

I would like to feature music and performance as part of the event. Do I need a licence?

The Lambeth licensing team is responsible for licensing regulated entertainment and alcohol. If you want to provide any of the following as part of your event, you may need a license to do so:

  • sale or supply of alcohol
  • provision of regulated entertainment (including plays, films, sports, music and dancing)
  • provision of facilities for entertainment
  • sale of late night refreshment (hot food or drinks supplied between 11pm and 5am).

The Lambeth licensing team can advise you on whether your event will require a license. Telephone 020 7926 5000 or email

Can I promote my event through Lambeth Council?

Yes. We have an online events calendar that features a full listing of lambeth events. Once your event has been approved by the events service, the name and date of the event will feature on our website. You can choose to include further details such as contact details etc.

Can I book a park or open space for a small private function e.g. birthday, wedding reception?

No. However do we have a selection of venues that would be suitable for these type of events. Lambeth Council does not allow exclusive and private use of any of its parks or open spaces.

How many events do you allow in Lambeth parks?

Lambeth Council has 44 parks and open spaces which can be hired for events. We programme multiple events with a maximum of one year’s notice. There are no limits to the number of events we hold, however, we do allocate periods of time for reinstatement work which is necessary to ensure that our parks and open spaces remain suitable for use and allow for recreational use.

Can I have food at my event?

Yes you can. You will need to let the events service know and you will also need to fill out a Lambeth Food Traders Questionnaire. This will also need completed at least six weeks prior to your event and sent to EventLambeth along with the associated documentation. 

Do I need event insurance?

Yes you do. In order to hold an event in a Lambeth Park or Open Space all event organisers need to have an event insurance policy in place for public liability of up to £5 million cover. Insurance services and cover can be obtained from a variety of providers, however the Council also offers Community Insurance Services and Cover through Community Risk Services, for more information please visit

I would like to organise a street party. Do I need to apply to the Lambeth events service?

Yes you do!  All street parties and events require an application via EventApp.  For more information please see our street parties and events page

Can EventLambeth recommend suppliers and entertainers for my event?

Unfortunately we cannot recommend specific suppliers other than council approved suppliers. However there are plenty of useful websites that can provide this information.

Where can I get information on health and safety guidelines if I want to organise an event?

We are more than happy to offer practical information and advice on basic event health and safety matters. We recommend that for further information on the health safety issues around public events you visit The following publication is particularly useful: The Events Safety Guide – a guide to health, safety and welfare at music and similar events. Available from

I would like to hold an event on the South Bank. How do I go about this?

Whilst the Southbank falls within the Borough of Lambeth, we do not manage the open spaces there. For information on the availability of open spaces along the Southbank, please go to or contact the Southbank Employers Group on 020 7202 6900.

I would like to collect for charity. Do I need specific permission?

While permission is not needed for private spaces if you wish to collect on Public Highway you will need permission from the Metropolitan Police.  Further information can be found at

Do you hire out event equipment?

We do not presently have event equipment for hire. However, there are some services that are obtainable from Veolia, one of the council’s contractors. Please contact EventLambeth for further information. Telephone 020 7926 6207 or email

I am planning a family sports event and picnic in a park, do I need permission?

You do not require permission to have a picnic in any Lambeth park or open space. However, it is not possible to give picnics exclusive and private use of a space. It is advisable to contact EventLambeth particularly if it may involve large numbers of people or music. All we ask is that you respect other park users, the parks wildlife, plants and trees and take your rubbish away with you.

I would like to hire a bandstand to hold an event. How can I do this?

Lambeth has three bandstands, located in Clapham Common, Ruskin Park and Myatt’s Fields Park. Our bandstands are available to hire for performances and rehearsals, for both commercial and public events. We welcome applications from local, regional and national groups. If you would like to hold an event on any of the bandstands telephone 020 7926 6207 or email

Can I set up and play music in the park?

Music and playing a musical instrument are not permitted in any of Lambeth’s parks or open spaces and are in breach of the Byelaws for Lambeth Parks, Commons and Open Spaces, unless you have been given consent and permission by the Council through an event application. Information on Byelaws can be found here

Can I have a BBQ in the park?

BBQs are not permitted in any of Lambeth’s parks or open spaces and are in breach of the Byelaws for Lambeth Parks, Commons & Open Space. Information on Byelaws can be found here


I would like to make a complaint regarding an outdoor event that took place recently, who do I contact?

If you wish to make a complaint, you can do so by: