Different events cost different amounts. We’ll give you as much help as we can to help you plan out your budgets and what things will cost.

Different Fees

Hiring a Lambeth park or open space to hold an event does cost money.

As part of your application you’ll have to pay:

  • Event Application fee
  • Administration Fee
  • Event Permit Fee and extra event days
  • Build and de-rig fee
  • Park Investment Levy
  • Damage Deposit


Our charges are based on the nature of your group, the size of your event, and what the event is. Our processing application fee is a set, one-off charge to process your application and the other fees will vary.

Things to think about

Things you need to think about are:

  • Cost of the venue
  • Licences and fees
  • Litter Picking / Waste Management costs
  • Security, health and safety costs
  • Things like toilets and first aid
  • Public liability insurance to cover up to the minimum requirement of £5 million required to hold an event in Lambeth.
  • Production and entertainment costs
  • Marketing and publicity
  • Policing costs (this is subject to the type of event and will be advised by the police)
  • And then other things like transport, fuel, fencing, consumables, utilities and signage


How much does it cost?

All events fees and charges can be found in our Lambeth Events Policy 2020.2025 or you may need to speak to EventLambeth for a bespoke quote.