Streatham Common Reinstatement Update

EventLambeth and Lambeth Landscapes met with representatives from the Friends of Streatham Common to look at the common and areas for reinstatement.

The main area of damage from Circus Zyair has been levelled and a large amount of soil (50:50 mix sand and soil) has been brought onsite to re-level the area and assist with the re-seeding.  The Lambeth Landscapes team were spreading the soil yesterday and will be following with re-seeding today.  The areas that fall outside of this main impact will be filled by hand. The cost for the reinstatement has been met in the entirety by Circus Zyair.

There are also some other areas on the Common that haven’t recovered from previous reinstatement as we would have hoped so a separate company will be coming onsite to vertidrain, surface dress and re-seed key areas. They will do this once the Funfair leaves site.

Bensons Funfair will be arriving onsite on Monday.  They have re aligned their site plan to avoid those areas that have recently been instated and will also have track mats down along agreed vehicle routes.  A member of EventLambeth staff will be onsite to meet them when they arrive to ensure that these provisions are in place.