Streatham Common Reinstatement Update


We want to provide an update to local park users and residents about the reinstatement works on Streatham Common following Circus Zyair.


Lambeth Landscapes have been working on the area however the continued wet weather over the last month have impacted the speed of repairs as the ground has been too wet to work on.


Chain harrowing was carried out on Friday 13th April on the outer sections of the event area. Over the last few days the middle section of the event area has dried out considerably and the chain harrowing can now be carried out on it .


Over the coming week slitting will be undertaken to further level the area and break up uneven sections. Top dressing will take place across the event area along with seeding, and the damaged areas near the paths and gate will be filled in and top dressed.


The event area is temporarily taped off whilst works are carried out for health and safety reasons. It will be removed when works this have been completed in the coming week.


EventLambeth continue to monitor the site as well as liaise with Lambeth Landscapes around the work that has been undertaken. It should be noted that all groundwork is paid for by the event organisers.