Nearly a month on from our last post and we’re pleased to say that things have moved on a lot.

 Seed that was sown between 18th and 23rd of February has germinated and you can see the fine lines of grass over the Winterville site.

The photo below was taken on the 12th March 2019. As of today (22nd March) there has been a lot further growth, however the image we took today is blurry.


The grass will begin to cover more ground, as the roots underneath spread under the soil and new grass grows.


The rain at the beginning of March seems not to have impacted negatively on the grass germination and with warmer sunnier days coming in the next couple of weeks we anticipate grass will only flourish further.


There is one area over towards Long Pond that is still to be sown with grass seed.  This is an area where it is though there is underground spring or broken pipe as it is consistently in areas boggy when it rains.  This is often an indication of the high water table under the surface.  However you can see issues on the ground condition both sides of the fence in this area.


It is anticipated early next week the seed will be sown and we’ll see germination of the seed and grass growth in the coming 2 to 3 weeks. 


The fence line is likely to be brought down at the start of April with only smaller areas fenced off where we still require further time to nurture the grass growth.


The Lambeth Landscape team have also begun to do some further work around the outside of the Winterville site where that event did not cause impact but where general footfall and impact from bigger events has caused lack of grass coverage and compaction.  This work was done at the end of February and beginning of March and should see positive results in the coming weeks.


We continue to be about 6 weeks ahead of where we were this time last year with regard to the reinstatement work.


If you wish to have further information please don’t hesitate to contact us at events@lambeth.gov.uk