Winterville – phase 3

Reinstatement on the Winterville Event site is nearly complete.

With great temperatures forecast for the coming week this burst of warmth during the day and the overnight dew will provide ideal conditions for the new grass to grow, strengthen and spread.  The new grass growth needs a final push of sun and rain to make sure it is robust and ready for the feet,  football, frisbee and events in the summer months ahead.

The fence is due to be taken down on Friday 26th April at the latest.  We are monitoring the ground with the hope that we can take the fence down sooner.

There is one area where the ground was to wet to seed in February and as such the seed went in late March.  It is likely that when we come to bring the fence line down we’ll have to keep a fence around this areas for a further few weeks.  We are talking with the Moonwalk event who are the next event due on to the event site and we’ll be able to work around this area.