Winterville Reinstatement Update

We want to provide a further update to local park users and residents about the reinstatement works following Winterville.

On the 22nd February Lambeth Events, Lambeth Landscapes and Winterville organisers met onsite to review progress.

Due to ongoing wet weather the 22nd February was the  first day Lambeth Landscape were able to use machinery.  Prior to this day they had been working as best they could without using the tractor or vehicles.  Slitting is now being carried out to spread and level out the top dressing as well as aerate the ground. This process pulls out any debris on the ground which is then removed by hand.   The Landscapes Team also begun to chain harrowing to further level out the area including the entrance.

There are three separate areas that remain too wet and ground too soft for machinery to work on.  There is a clear improvement on the middle section and the left side (from vehicle entrance) where the ground is level and a lot of grass is coming back. Furthermore the entrance from Long Road to the site has now been jet washed.  The fence line was brought in last week in two sections. The plan is to bring the fence line in much further, by the end of next week, whilst keeping the three areas that require further work fenced off. This is subject to weather conditions which impact on ability to carry out work.

The rate of which the grass will re-grow is dependent on the weather. It is anticipated that most of the site will naturally grow back however in the spring the Landscapes Team will have a clear idea of the bare patches that require seeding.  The Lambeth Landscapes Team are testing some new grass seeds to find a harder grass which germinates sooner.  If required there will be a light sprinkling of seeds across the whole site to ensure the grass is more robust for future events. The Team is wary of fertiliser and the new seeds could minimise the need for it to be used.

Please note the muddy area next to the basketball court is a result of contractors installing new flood lights and has been flagged to those responsible for these works.

EventLambeth continue to monitor the site and maintain a photographic record as well as liaising with Lambeth Landscapes around the work that has been undertaken.

It should be noted that all groundwork is paid for by the event organisers. Please see previous update for additional information about the repair works.