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Regulations, Policies and Guidance

In this section we have compiled all the detailed legislation, regulations, policies and guidance information for event organisers who are looking to put on events in our parks,  open spaces, streets and highways.

Our Events Guide
This details our policy and protocols for events, guidance and timelines, charging framework and useful templates to help you through the process of organising events in Lambeth.

Guidance for Control of Sound at Outdoor Events 2016
This details the sound limits from events, music noise levels and monitoring guidance for parks, open spaces and outdoor sites and locations across Lambeth.

EventLambeth Guidance for Animals at Events
We take animal welfare very seriously and before approval will be given to an event that involves animals, event organisers are required to adhere to the following guidelines as a minimum standard.

Briefing – assessing the ecological impact of events

This is a briefing from the LB Lambeth Parks service.  EventLambeth works closely with the Park service to look at events in parks and open spaces and consider the impacts of those activities.

Lambeth Green Events Guide

Lambeth Council is committed to managing and running events sustainably. All events in parks, open spaces, highways and indoor venues are required to adhere to the Lambeth Green Events Guide.




Event Strategy

Our 2016-2020 Event Strategy can be found here the Overview and Scrutiny Committee Report can be found here. Any further updates will be published as they are made.

January 2020

Lambeth Events Strategy Report

This is the report following the consultation on the Events Strategy which took place in 2019

Licences and Permits

Events and commercial activity need to be licensed and or need a permit from the London Borough of Lambeth.

For information on Event Permits please contact us on 02079266207.

To find out more about the licenses that are held by premises in Lambeth click here