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Idea for the Weekend – Egg Box Seedlings

Following on with this week’s theme of green and reuse of things that might be thrown away this weekend we have a fun activity that will help you bring greenery to your home!  You will need: Egg Carton (s) Soil Seeds Used Coffee grounds or Tea leaves (optional) Water EventLambeth is having a go at using egg cartons for seedling containers – this is a great way of sprouting seeds which can then be potted out later.  We have saved the Chili and Pepper seeds from recent cooking, but you can use other vegetables or fruit (if you tried last week’s Apple Crumble you could use the apple pips) and flowers for a splash of colour. If you have coffee grounds mix with the soil and then fill the “cups” of the egg carton 4/5 full.  then add your seeds (3 or 4 per cup spread out depending on the seed size you might want to put fewer in there for example the Nasturtiums are large seeds so only one per cup). Cover with soil and water well.  As egg cartons are porous, they soak up the water which will help to keep the soil damp. It’s a good idea to pop it in a waterproof container – you can also then put water in the container so that the moisture is maintained (not too much!).  Pop them on a sunny windowsill and watch for sprouts.  Your seedlings will be ready to pot out after around 8 weeks – have a look out for how much water they are taking in and the size of the plant (wider and... read more

Pineapples, Pineapples, Pineapples

  What is it with Lambeth, Stockwell and Pineapples? Well in 1600’s John Tradescant who was botanist and importer brought Pineapples to the UK for the first time. His botanical garden was in Stockwell,  and included the ground that we now know as Larkhall Park. Now you know this,  you’re going to start seeing Pineapples all over Lambeth! This certainly was the case for some unsuspecting motorists on a sunny Saturday morning on Stockwell Road back in 2008. With funding from Arts Council England and European Union regeneration funding Stockwell Festival were given a grant for further outreach projects to support the annual Stockwell festival. Stockwell Festival worked with local Lambeth carnival arts company Mandinga Arts to create the costumes and Art Community Exchange a local arts company based in Brixton ran schools programme and co-ordinated the parade. Bureau of Silly idea also based in Brixton made the Pineapple car. Everyone gathered at Stockwell Primary School.  The local bloco samba carnival band created the soundtrack and then the pineapple parade too to the street with the support of the festival stewards and local met police officers. People joined in along the way and all arrived onto Larkhall Park to enjoy a full day of music, food, theatre and lots lots more. I still remember standing on Larkhall Park at 12:30 having just got the festival open. Music was on the stage, people were milling around the festival site and stalls were open and slowly the festival was coming alive. Then in the far corner the procession burst onto the park and all of a sudden there were dancing pineapples... read more

Lambeth Green Spaces – in unexpected places

Across Lambeth there are many community green spaces in surprising places – growing flowers, fruit and veg.  Just like this beautiful corner above which has been turned into a lush green space.  It was many years ago a neglected cut through on the edge of a busy junction.  Do you know where it is?  I’ll give you a clue – it’s now fit for royalty!  As we are all out cycling and walking and running a bit more you might have seen some other pop up planters and guerrilla gardens.  Some might have been part of the Incredible Edible Lambeth.    Their aim is to galvanise people and communities through growing and celebrating food.  They encourage people to look at their local patch and see how they can transform it into a food growing space. Read more about what they do here and head to the walks section on the website and go for a wander through Lambeth and discover the orchard in the middle of Brixton and the Clapham Edible Bus stop – just for starters! Send up your photos of your adventures. Enjoy    ... read more

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