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Government Guidance from DCMS update for Outdoor and Indoor Events 10 July 2020

Current Situation Government announcement from DCMS made on the evening of Thursday 9th July set out a list of detailed objectives and some guidance. Licensing Authorities are asked to “avoid issuing licenses for events that could lead to larger gatherings forming and provide advice to businesses on how to manage events of this type. If appropriate, the Government has powers under ​schedule 2​2​ of the Coronavirus Act ​2020 ​to close venues hosting large gatherings or prohibit certain events (or types of event) from taking place.” Until such time that more detailed event or public gathering specific guidance has come from Government and Public Health England then Lambeth Events team will not be permitting any new events to take place without adhering to the DCMS current guidance. EventLambeth will only consider events which can demonstrate they meet the following requirements. Lambeth Council requirements may change should there be further guidance from the Government and Public Health England. Current Government Guidance Social Distancing must always be maintained Reviewing capacity in our venues and open spaces Reviewing entrance, exits and hygiene facilities Reviewing the health & safety provisions to maintain government guidance Restriction on singing and playing of wind / brass instruments for professionals only Social interactions should be limited to a group of no more than two households (indoors and out) or up to six people from different households (if outdoors). It is against the law for gatherings of more than 30 people to take place in private homes (including gardens and other outdoor spaces). Events in public outdoor spaces that are organised by businesses, charitable or political organisations, and public bodies, provided they take reasonable steps... read more

EventLambeth Update

In the light of the government announcement yesterday about outdoor performances and public events, we understand many organisers will be keen to get going again. We want to ensure this is done as safely as possible and in line with government guidance and public health. Over the coming week, the EventLambeth Team will be working through the latest Government Guidance and alongside key stakeholders to put together requirements for events in Lambeth. There are still requirements around social distancing for all reopening leisure locations, and so it is anticipated that outdoor events will have similar requirements. As ever event organisers are responsible for the audience they are gathering so will be required to have robust plans in place on how attendees are managed and engaged within the Covid-19 guidance. Please note all events in Lambeth parks and open spaces are required to apply to hold an event and follow our application process. We have a minimum notice of 3 months, applications will be subject to fees and other relevant permissions will be required. For more details about the proccess please visit the website In the meantime, further information can be found at We will be in touch once we have more specific... read more

Vauxhall Gay Club has PhD

After running every Saturday night at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern for 25 years until the lockdown kicked in, Duckie, the South London gay club and cabaret night, has joined forces with Queen Mary University of London and launched “Duckie in the Community,” a PhD on the club’s work. And so welcome Dr Duckie – aka ex-journalist Ben Walters – a self-described “in house bent boffin” who has spent 5 years examining the work of Duckie and written a hefty 100,000-word dissertation on the legendary LGBTQ clubnight and its ancillary projects. When it’s ambition prompted an upgrade from gay clubs in Vauxhall, Duckie started to take itself seriously as a legitimate arts company and developed a programme of unusual events, inventive large scale club nights and ambitious interactive theatre shows.  In order not to be ghettoised, it also spread its wings and began to serve an audience outside its core Vauxhall gay clubbers.  This new programme included making cabaret shows for the over 70s, creating arts drop ins with homeless people in hostels in Lambeth and setting up a QTIBPOC youth theatre. But long-term fans of its infamous Saturday night residency need not fear, as it plans to return to the RVT when the current health crisis is over, and restrictions for pubs and clubs are relaxed.  If there is a future for Vauxhall “bentertainment” after the lockdown Duckie hopes to be at its centre and is planning to survive and thrive for another 25 years into the future. To read the Dr Duckie PhD or watch a 60 minute talk about the research, go to Both photos below... read more

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