After Lambeth Country Show

The 2019 Lambeth Country Show was yet again a great success.  You can find out more about the weekend here on the Love Lambeth Blog. As the Country Show loads out of the park the  EventLambeth and Lambeth Landscapes are focusing on what work needs to be done to help the ground and grass come back ahead of the busy summer period.   Lambeth Landscapes are on site working on selected areas this week.  They are vertidraining as the first step.  In the picture above you can see the tractor pulls a roller that has spikes on it.  The spikes make holes in the ground surface which  allow air in, which in turn works to decompact the soil and help the grass roots.  The small roller which is dragged behind the spiked roller levels out the ground surface and helps to address areas of rutting.  It’s key this work is done before the ground becomes to dry. Over the coming weeks depending on the weather smaller adhoc work will be done to level out areas and sow grass seed.  However, with hot weather and no rain forecast work on smaller areas might be put off till after September. Looking ahead to Autumn there will be a programme of ground works agreed to address areas across the park that need additional measure to encourage full grass coverage.  We’ll give you more detail on this work closer to the time. Enjoy the... read more

Mighty Hoopla and Cross the Tracks Community Fund

    Exiting funding opportunity is available for individuals, charities, organisations and local groups that are connect to Brockwell park and its local area. The community fund money was raised from the guestlist contributions of which all attendees of  the guest list must pay in advance of the event, and the profit from the eco glitter stall sales  over the Mighty Hoopla and Cross the Tracks festival. The aim of the fund is to benefit Brockwell Park and the close surrounding areas that are directly impacted by Mighty Hoopla and Cross the Tracks. The fund is managed by Mighty Hoopla and not by Lambeth Council.  The panel in 2019 who will judge and award the funding is made up of event director and a ward Cllr from Herne Hill, Thurlow Park and Tulse Hill wards. You can find out more about the fund and how to apply on their website  deadline for applications is 26th July 2019 so be quick. Spread the word!... read more

Mighty Hoopla and Cross the Tracks – Brockwell Park – Reinstatement update

You might have noticed a trail of sequins and glitter leading to Brockwell Park 2 weekends ago as a sparkling audience made their way to Brockwell Park for the Mighty Hoopla event on Saturday 8th June.  Strong winds and showers could not dampen spirits and a wonderful event was had by all.  Sunday and the first ever Cross the Tracks event was again a huge success. However the challenge came on the Monday as the event was loading out and the rain arrived.  Across the following 6 days as the production team de rigged stages and loaded out rain came and went.  Needless to say there were a lot of wet and tired crew on site. The production team worked long hours and with great care to minimize the impact of the event loading out.  It is a real testament to them that despite 2 months of rain falling in 2 days during their load out they were able to manage the multiple contractors and vehicles to ensure minimal impact. As anticipated the areas where the trackway were laid are the areas where reinstatement work is needed alongside 3 or 4 areas where during load the plant machinery and vehicles impacted.  But no area was badly damaged. The same day the event came off site, the Lambeth Landscapes team began the reinstatement work.  They did isolated areas of chain harrowing to break the surface mud and lift the grass to encourage it to come back.  They then worked across the site to level out areas by breaking up the tyre tracks and ridges.  Then evening out with top soil.... read more

Another successful MoonWalk London

Over 10,000 MoonWalkers gathered on Clapham Common Event Site last Saturday to raise money for Breast Cancer Research.   The big pink tent on the Common was the start and finish point for half and full marathon walking routes through London.  The event raised over £6million in 2018 and it looks like this success will be repeated in 2019. With all those feet and the rain which fell during the build and break periods for the event you might expect to see signs of extensive impact.  On the whole the site is looking good as the photo below shows.  There were 3 key areas where we saw damage and 2 areas where due to the rain surface mud has dried over the grass.  These should over the coming days and with the expected rain and with footfall event out the surface and wash away the surface dirt to allow the grass to return.   However, there is still work to be done on the area where new grass has not spread to create dense coverage along side the jobs to be done to reinstate the site post MoonWalk. Friday 17th May   – Lambeth Landscapes will begin to fill the tent peg holes (fingers cross the rain doesn’t get in the way)     Monday 20th May – Vertidraining – Lambeth Landscapes will undertake a close tine deep vertidrain – this is where the length of the tines is 215mm rather than 175 and they are placed 2/3 inches apart rather than 5.  This will give a more comprehensive coverage at greater depth.  We do this to de-compact the ground... read more

MoonWalk London 2019 is back on Clapham Common

The Moonwalk London, organised by Walk the Walk, moved to Clapham Common in 2014 and following the success that year it has been on Clapham Common ever since. Walk the Walk is a grant making charity, specialising in creating Power Walking challenges with the aim of not only raising money for vital breast cancer causes, but to also encourage women and men to become more aware of their own potential for good health and fitness through walking. The MoonWalk London has become an iconic flagship event, and this year is celebrating its 22nd year. On this one night the event can expect to raise over £6 million, which over the past 20 years has contributed to the charity raising over £130 million. Event Details: The construction of MoonWalk London begins on Friday 3 May. Saturday 4 May – Work will be taking place during normal working hours. Saturday 11 May – Sound checks may take place during the afternoon. The event will commence from 8.30pm in the evening. Sunday 12 May: The MoonWalk closes at approximately 11.00am – after which there is minimal activity for the rest of the day. The MoonWalk will leave Clapham Common on Thursday 16 May. If you have any concerns about the Event, please contact the organisers or Lambeth on the following; For direct contact with Walk the Walk: Monday – Friday 9am – 5.30pm – Please Call 01483 741 430 During the Event: From 9am Saturday 12 May to 12.00 Midday on Sunday 13th May – Please Call MoonWalk Hotline Number 0207 812 2262. If a message is left, they will respond as... read more

BBQ Damage on Clapham Common

The Winterville fence removal will be completed today Friday 26th April a few days ahead of schedule and the grass is due for a good cut on Tuesday of next week at the latest. As this area of the common returns we are now faced with new issues. Over the Easter Weekend many people used the area taking advantage of the gaps in the fence line.  What was so disappointing to see is the multiple areas of burnt patches on the grass where disposable BBQ’s had been used.  You can see by the images that the grass has been burnt and killed and what is left if bare patches of soil.  These are attractive area for dog to dig up and holes develop.                                        Lambeth Park By-Laws prohibit the use of BBQ’s for this very reason and comes with a £500.  Here is the LINK  to the parks by-laws.  If you do see someone who looks to be setting up or using a BBQ do let the parks or events officer know.  Here is the phone number to call 020 7926 9000 Thank you for your... read more

Winterville – phase 3

Reinstatement on the Winterville Event site is nearly complete. With great temperatures forecast for the coming week this burst of warmth during the day and the overnight dew will provide ideal conditions for the new grass to grow, strengthen and spread.  The new grass growth needs a final push of sun and rain to make sure it is robust and ready for the feet,  football, frisbee and events in the summer months ahead. The fence is due to be taken down on Friday 26th April at the latest.  We are monitoring the ground with the hope that we can take the fence down sooner. There is one area where the ground was to wet to seed in February and as such the seed went in late March.  It is likely that when we come to bring the fence line down we’ll have to keep a fence around this areas for a further few weeks.  We are talking with the Moonwalk event who are the next event due on to the event site and we’ll be able to work around this area.... read more


Nearly a month on from our last post and we’re pleased to say that things have moved on a lot.  Seed that was sown between 18th and 23rd of February has germinated and you can see the fine lines of grass over the Winterville site. The photo below was taken on the 12th March 2019. As of today (22nd March) there has been a lot further growth, however the image we took today is blurry.   The grass will begin to cover more ground, as the roots underneath spread under the soil and new grass grows.   The rain at the beginning of March seems not to have impacted negatively on the grass germination and with warmer sunnier days coming in the next couple of weeks we anticipate grass will only flourish further.   There is one area over towards Long Pond that is still to be sown with grass seed.  This is an area where it is though there is underground spring or broken pipe as it is consistently in areas boggy when it rains.  This is often an indication of the high water table under the surface.  However you can see issues on the ground condition both sides of the fence in this area.   It is anticipated early next week the seed will be sown and we’ll see germination of the seed and grass growth in the coming 2 to 3 weeks.    The fence line is likely to be brought down at the start of April with only smaller areas fenced off where we still require further time to nurture the grass growth.   The... read more

Clapham Common – Winterville reinstatement – Phase 2 – Part 2

Clapham common – Winterville reinstatement – Phase 2 – Part 2   It has been just over 3 weeks since the last news post and a lot has taken place on the Winterville site.   Slow release fertiliser has been used across all of the site Sections of top soil have been spread out Seed has been sown Sunshine has shone and will continue to shine   On Monday 18th February  through to Saturday 23rd of February  grass seed was sown.  The contractors used a disc seeder which slits the top surface of the ground, places seed in and then rolls the soil over the top of the seed is very close lines as well as releasing a portion of seed over the surface to fall in-between the lines.  They undertake this action in 2 or 3 directions to ensure a density of coverage.   insert photo here – attached   The seed will take around 2 or 3 weeks to germinate and break through the surface.  Once it germinates the root systems also spread out and begin to sprout shoots – thus filling in the gaps between the rows the seeds were laid in.   Seed needs temperatures of around 5 degrees to germinate and as you can see here the long range forecast is looking perfect for grass to grow.  The slow release fertiliser in the ground is also going to really help boost growth.   Winterville and EventLambeth will be doing regular visits to monitor the ground, the grass and the fence line.   What is really going to help is making sure the fence isn’t... read more

Clapham Common – Winterville Reinstatement – Phase 2

  It has been just over 3 weeks since Winterville left Clapham Common and the large fence was replace with the current fence.   In this time the event organisers have undertaken a fine litter pick, harrowed the ground to break up surface dirt  which leveled out minor ruts and lift the grass.  Then they vertidrained to help de-compact the ground.  Last week the EvnetLambeth  and Winterville agreed the second phase of work.   Pre and Post event ground surveys were compared and the scope of work was agreed.     Towards the end of this week or beginning of next (weather permitting) the contractors undertaking the reinstatement work for the organisers will bring on top soil to level out isolated areas.   The Agronomist also recommended use of slow release fertiliser to help the grass on the ground to recover which will also be undertake this or next week (weather permitting)  The final phase of the reinstatement will then be the re-seeding.    The organisers shared the following information with regard to this phase with us today as part of their reinstatement interim report:   From first week in February onwards, regular inspections by the agronomist will aim to identify the earliest suitable opportunity for double and triple pass seeding.  This is driven primarily by the ground achieving a suitable temperature for germination of the grass seed.  While it is possible to seed in advance of this temperature being reached, it is likely that the result in a higher proportion of the seed being lost to rot or scavenging. Potentially reducing the overall effectiveness.   So it is a wait and see game on the seeding.... read more