Make greener choices this Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and we’re all rushing around trying to get organised, but we still need to consider the environment. When it comes to food, decorations, trees, gifts, travelling, hosting events and everything else this December, be mindful of your choices. According to a recent study by waste management company Biffa: The Christmas period is set to see a whole lot go to waste in the UK, including around 277,000 miles of wrapping paper, up to 2 million turkeys and 74 million mince pies. Here are some ways to reduce the impact at your home, business or event: Christmas Trees and Decorations Reuse an artificial Christmas tree if you have one. Source a second hand tree (and decorations) from gum tree, eBay or charity shop. Make an alternative tree using reused items or materials – Google for ideas. If you’re buying a real tree look for the FSC-Certification logo. Use LED Christmas lights and timers to reduce energy use. Make decorations using things you already have or can forage from outdoors (broken branches or pine cones on the floor). Food Plan ahead to minimise waste. Choose organic and free range meat. Try some veggie and vegan alternatives. Buy items with less packaging, especially plastic. Don’t use plastic straws, plates or cutlery. Donate to your local foodbank. Recycle leftovers using Olio Gifts and Cards Send e-cards or make from material you already have. Don’t wrap in plastic or plastic ribbon. Try wrapping with a scarf or recycled materials. Avoid glitter! Wrapping paper and cards can’t be recycled if contain glitter. Use second hand/charity shops to find Christmas gifts (and... read more

Community Information Session

Mighty Hoopla and Cross the Tracks Festivals have applied to return to Brockwell Park again in 2020 with an additional day added on the Friday called Wide Awake. You are invited to come and find out more about the proposed Festival Weekend planned on Brockwell Park 5, 6  & 7 June 2020. Day:  Wednesday 13th November Location:  The Half Moon, 10 Half Moon Lane, Herne Hill, London SE24 9HU – in the function room at the back of the garden. Times:  Between 12:00 – 15:00 and 17:00 – 20:00 Can’t make it – then email the organisers at and then can share the drop in session information and respond to your feedback.  You will also have opportunity to input into the premises license application when this is submitted later in November. Wide Awake – Friday 5th June 2020 Wide Awake is a new festival to take place in Brockwell Park focusing on new music from genres across the globe.  The event also has a foc7us on positive change including an area to discuss the environment via talks, films, music, food and drink. Mighty Hoopla – Saturday 6th June 2020 Mighty Hoopla is an 18+ LGBTQ+ friendly pop music festival, programmed with a mix of diverse legendary artists from around the world, new live acts and the finest of London’s LGBT night culture.  The event offers a mix of 80s, 90s and current artists.  2020 will be the event’s third year in Brockwell Park. Cross the Tracks – Sunday 7th June 2020 Cross The Tracks is a family-friendly music festival open to all ages, celebrating the world of funk,... read more

Making Events Sustainable – Where to Start

We appreciate there are many areas to think about when it comes to delivering a greener event. Some events are already making positive changes towards reducing their environmental impact, however there is a long way to go across the sector. EventLambeth want to help all event organisers move in the right direction and have put together a list of actions to start things off. It is important to remember simple changes and good planning in the early stages can make a big difference. Look at all areas of your event; energy, water, waste and recycling, products, suppliers, staff, promotion and travel. Keep in mind you will also need to think about how this fits into procurement processes, contracting suppliers, front of house plans, back of house operations and how attendees behave at your event. Getting Started: First do some research, there is a wealth of information and ideas out there on how to make your event greener. Read the Lambeth Green Guide to Events. This will give you a clear understanding of all the areas you need to consider and build into your planning process. All events are required to meet the ‘Essential’ criteria. Review your event section by section – look at waste, water, travel, energy, food and serve-ware. Think about the current impact of the event and identify key areas you need to make changes. Involve your contractors and suppliers early to ensure they have time to prepare and understand requirements they need to meet. Start simple. For example, audience transport is one of the greatest impact areas and one of the easiest ones to address. Encourage... read more

Slowly drying out

October has been the WET WET WET with over 50% more rainfall than the average.   Friendsfest event on Kennington Park despite putting in additional ground cover and other measures to safeguard against bad weather were caught in torrential and constant rainfall.  The reinstatement to address the event impact has delayed until the weather improved and the ground dried out.   The herras fence line has finally come down today.  The company brought down extra crew and did all the work by hand.  The mini fork lift travelled on the paths only to collect and load up the truck.   Lambeth Landscapes team were on the park at the same time putting up a temporary fence around a smaller area where the ground reinstatement work is now being done.  To begin with the temporary fence will enclose around 60% of the South Field.  Over the coming week the ground works will be done and as this progress the fence line will be moved to enclose smaller areas and give greater access to wider area of the south field.   40 Tonne of soil has been distributed over areas and a further 20 tonne will be placed in te coming days.  Once the soil is levelled out it will will then have grass seed sown.  Seed is able to germinate in colder temperatures.  Once the next period of rain passes and all the leaves have fallen germination sheeting might also be placed over some areas to further nuture the seed and encourage germination.   All the costs for the reinstatement work are covered by the event organisers.  Lambeth Landscapes and... read more

Making Events Sustainable – Lambeth’s New Green Event Guide

As part of the wider Borough plan, EventLambeth is committed to making sure all events are operating and being delivered more sustainably. EventLambeth have been working hard over the past few months to create the new Lambeth Green Events Guide. This guidance has been put together in consultation with the Lambeth Sustainability Team and includes measures such as green travel initiatives, recycling systems, elimination of single use plastic, managing energy and water more efficiently, as well as choosing sustainable products, materials and suppliers. We know the organisation, delivery and operations of events have varying forms of environmental impacts; requiring transport, consuming energy, water, food and materials, and producing waste and carbon emissions.  However, with the new guidance we can work with organisers to ensure they are reducing these impacts and making positive changes. All events in Lambeth parks, open spaces, public highways and buildings are now required to adhere to the Green Guide’s criteria as part of the Terms & Conditions of hire for Outdoor Events and Indoor Events. Read the Lambeth Green Event Guide and watch this space for more blog posts on how to make your event... read more

EventLambeth Community Events Training Programme 2019/2020

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN   Applications to the EventLambeth Community Events Training Programme are now open. The Community Events Training Programme aim is to deliver a dynamic and interactive training that builds on and further develops, the skills and knowledge, of our local community event organisers. The training will also share best practice with regard to community safety, sustainability and community engagement. The course content is tailored to reflect the EventLambeth application process so organisers have a better understanding of what is needed at each of the 4 stages as well as learn about the new events sustainability policy and funding programme opening in December. Delivered by EventLambeth officers with sessions lead by colleagues from other Council departments such as Food H&S, Licensing and Public Protection as well as sessions from event industry professionals working in the Security and Stewarding sector and a tailored sessions lead by the Met Police Counter Terrorism team. The training programme is held over 2 days and you have the choice of Saturday 9 and 16 November                        OR Monday 11 and 18 November If you deliver outdoor events in Lambeth or you are planning to deliver an outdoor event in 2020 then this training is for you. If you work in Lambeth and deliver events in an indoor setting but are interested in attending then we do encourage you to apply if there is space we will be able to offer you a place. Attendance on the training programme will make you eligible to apply for the EventLambeth Community Funding programme which will open in December. You can find out more about the... read more

Kennington Park – Friendsfest Reinstatement

Friendsfest was on Kennington Park again this year and over the last 10 days of September 1,000’s came through and enjoyed ‘All things Friends’. In the planning EventLambeth  officers and the organisers looked at the impact from the event in 2018 and put in place additional measure to protect the ground.  The biggest change was the additional trackway area inside the site for the large vehicles to park and turn on during the build and break. However neither the EventLambeth team nor the organisers anticipated the torrential and prolonged downpour on Tuesday 1st October as the event load out was underway. It looks like a lot of damage has been done.  In fact it is just large areas of surface mud.  The plant machinery did not cause deep ruts and the equipment on site did not sink into the soft wet ground.  The torrential rain caused a lot of surface mud which the plant machinery when driving over, made the mud clump together inside the tread of the tyres. The organisers have left the perimeter fence line up to allow the ground to dry out sufficiently enough for Lambeth Landscapes team to bring their equipment on and begin the reinstatement work.  As the ground is still very wet and soft and the tractor used to do the reinstatement work will cause more damage than good if they started worked today. The anticipated schedule of work is: Week commencing Monday 7th October chain harrow – this will break up the surface mud and begin to level out the ground verti-drain – this will decompact the ground, assist with drainage and... read more

After Lambeth Country Show

The 2019 Lambeth Country Show was yet again a great success.  You can find out more about the weekend here on the Love Lambeth Blog. As the Country Show loads out of the park the  EventLambeth and Lambeth Landscapes are focusing on what work needs to be done to help the ground and grass come back ahead of the busy summer period.   Lambeth Landscapes are on site working on selected areas this week.  They are vertidraining as the first step.  In the picture above you can see the tractor pulls a roller that has spikes on it.  The spikes make holes in the ground surface which  allow air in, which in turn works to decompact the soil and help the grass roots.  The small roller which is dragged behind the spiked roller levels out the ground surface and helps to address areas of rutting.  It’s key this work is done before the ground becomes to dry. Over the coming weeks depending on the weather smaller adhoc work will be done to level out areas and sow grass seed.  However, with hot weather and no rain forecast work on smaller areas might be put off till after September. Looking ahead to Autumn there will be a programme of ground works agreed to address areas across the park that need additional measure to encourage full grass coverage.  We’ll give you more detail on this work closer to the time. Enjoy the... read more

Mighty Hoopla and Cross the Tracks Community Fund

    Exiting funding opportunity is available for individuals, charities, organisations and local groups that are connect to Brockwell park and its local area. The community fund money was raised from the guestlist contributions of which all attendees of  the guest list must pay in advance of the event, and the profit from the eco glitter stall sales  over the Mighty Hoopla and Cross the Tracks festival. The aim of the fund is to benefit Brockwell Park and the close surrounding areas that are directly impacted by Mighty Hoopla and Cross the Tracks. The fund is managed by Mighty Hoopla and not by Lambeth Council.  The panel in 2019 who will judge and award the funding is made up of event director and a ward Cllr from Herne Hill, Thurlow Park and Tulse Hill wards. You can find out more about the fund and how to apply on their website  deadline for applications is 26th July 2019 so be quick. Spread the word!... read more

Mighty Hoopla and Cross the Tracks – Brockwell Park – Reinstatement update

You might have noticed a trail of sequins and glitter leading to Brockwell Park 2 weekends ago as a sparkling audience made their way to Brockwell Park for the Mighty Hoopla event on Saturday 8th June.  Strong winds and showers could not dampen spirits and a wonderful event was had by all.  Sunday and the first ever Cross the Tracks event was again a huge success. However the challenge came on the Monday as the event was loading out and the rain arrived.  Across the following 6 days as the production team de rigged stages and loaded out rain came and went.  Needless to say there were a lot of wet and tired crew on site. The production team worked long hours and with great care to minimize the impact of the event loading out.  It is a real testament to them that despite 2 months of rain falling in 2 days during their load out they were able to manage the multiple contractors and vehicles to ensure minimal impact. As anticipated the areas where the trackway were laid are the areas where reinstatement work is needed alongside 3 or 4 areas where during load the plant machinery and vehicles impacted.  But no area was badly damaged. The same day the event came off site, the Lambeth Landscapes team began the reinstatement work.  They did isolated areas of chain harrowing to break the surface mud and lift the grass to encourage it to come back.  They then worked across the site to level out areas by breaking up the tyre tracks and ridges.  Then evening out with top soil.... read more