Organising an event, whether it’s big or small can be quite daunting. So we want to give you all the information you might need to be able to organise your own as easily as possible.


  • COVID-19 – we have updated guidance here
  • Consider the timing and duration of your event. When are your attendees most likely to arrive? Is your venue easily accessible?
  • Do check any planned transport closures with Transport for London,
  • Is the event free or ticketed and how will tickets be sold or booked?
  • Always remember your budget, as costs can escalate quickly.
  • Try contacting someone with experience in running your type of event, for tips and advice at an early stage.
  • If you are proposing to use one of our parks or open spaces you need to discuss the event with one of our events officer, who will guide you through the booking process.
  • Depending on the content of your event you may also need to contact other areas of the council.
  • Depending on the scale and type of event, applications may need to be submitted a year or more ahead for the necessary planning steps to be completed.
  • Allow time for the statutory authorities (e.g. police, fire and ambulances services and local authority) to make arrangements for support.


Hiring a Lambeth park or open space to hold an event does cost money.

As part of your application you’ll have to pay:
Processing application fee
An administration fee
Event Permit fee
Build and de-rig fee
Park Investment Levy
Damage Deposit

Our charges are based on the nature of your group, the size of your event, and what the event is. Our processing application fee is a set, one-off charge to process your application and the other fees will vary.

Processing application fee

£30 Community & Charity Events
From £100 Commercial Events
From £100 Promotional & Marketing Events
From £100 Fun Fairs and Circuses

All fees and charges are available in our Guide to organizing events which is available to download from this website.


Administration fee

We need an Administration fee once the event has been approved, in order to secure the date and venue. This is not refundable.

Event Permit fee

The Event Permit fee is charged to hire the park or open space for your event.

Build and de-rig fees

This fee covers hire of the park or open space for any build or de-rig days (preparation and then removal) before or after your event.

Park Investment Levy

This fee is used towards the investment in to the immediate open space infrastructure. This is not refundable.

Damage deposit

This is to make sure any damage caused to the ground as part of the event is reinstated. This is refundable providing there is no damage.

How do I submit an application?

If you would like to hire a park, open space or street you’ll need to complete an event application online using our EventApp. Once we receive your application we will send you an acknowledgement along with details on how to pay your application fee by credit or debit card. We are not able to process the application without the payment for the application fee.

How long does it take?

Provisional acceptance

All applications are considered by us at a weekly meeting. When judging an application, we consider all the critical information needed to deliver a safe and appropriate event in Lambeth. Provisional acceptance or rejections will take between 10 working days to four weeks to process depending on the size of the event. If the application is considered to be a viable we will send you an Events Service In Principle Agreement – this is a provisional booking form with our Terms and Conditions and includes notification of any quoted fees that will be required.

Organiser confirmation

When the in principle agreement has been sent, you will have 14 days to confirm your booking proposal by signing the booking agreement and returning with relevant fees as outlined.

Final Confirmation/Licensing

You will then be invited to apply for any licences to allow you to hold the event. It takes between two and six weeks to secure a licence – depending on what type of licence is relevant. We will be able to let you know about this part of the process.   If the relevant licence is granted then you will be issued with an Events Service Tenancy Permit and will continue to work with, and be monitored by us to ensure the delivery of a safe and successful event. Subject to Lambeth Hire Terms and Conditions.

Large/Medium Events
All large event organisers will be invited to present to the Lambeth Events Safety Advisory Group (LESAG) before a provisional confirmation is given by us.

The membership of the LESAG includes Lambeth Council events, Lambeth Council licensing, the Police, Lambeth Council health and safety, Lambeth council parks, Lambeth Council highways and transport, Lambeth Council food safety, London Fire Brigade and London Ambulance Service. The LESAG will consider the event proposal in detail and the meeting gives key partners the chance to raise objections or concerns on the event proposal. (Approximately 2 to 4 weeks).

If the LESAG approves the large proposed event or festival, we will work with the parks team to consult with any appropriate Management Advisory Committee or Friends Group, if this is relevant – this is the local consultation process and gives relevant community groups an opportunity to feedback about a large event proposal.

The LESAG findings and the outcome of the local consultation will be reported to senior management to discuss and agree with the Cabinet Member for Culture & Leisure. If the event is approved by both the LESAG and Senior Management then the consultees will be told and event organisers will be invited to apply for a licence that will allow them to hold their event. (Approximately 4-6 weeks to secure licence – if no objections are received from the general public).

If the licence is granted then you’ll be issued with an Events Service Tenancy Permit and we will continue to work with you to ensure the delivery of a safe and successful event. For your event, you will need to produce a risk assessment, site map, event safety plan, insurance policy and a copy of the licence as part of the event project plan at least four weeks before the event.


When applying to hold an event it is important to determine whether you require a licence. It can take up to three months to get a premises licence, so remember to book the park and get your licence application in early.