Street Parties

Street Parties are a traditional part of community life. Everyone on your street can join in and it’s a great way to get to know your neighbours and celebrate together.

Lambeth Council is happy to support street parties, but it has to ensure they are safe and legal. In consultation with colleagues in Lambeth Public Health and Lambeth Highways we are only able to offer street party road closures for August and September. Due to the high volume of events taking place in the Borough and London over the August Bank Holiday weekend and the subsequent demand on key services we are not able to offer street parties on this weekend.

Please read the information on this page before you submit your application.

Please note that Street Party permission may need to be rescinded at any point in the process due to ongoing response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Where this happens we will attempt to facilitate an alternative date but this may not be possible.

Deadlines for street parties taking place between:

Saturday 31st July to Sunday 22nd August: Midday Friday 18th June 2021 

Application Link

Saturday 4th September to Sunday 3rd October: Midday Friday 16th July 2021

Application Link 

Frequently Asked Questions


Traditional Street Party

How do we define a Street Party?

– Is a residential get together on a single street.  There must be three named organisers who are over 18 and resident on the street to be closed (not from the same address)

– At least one of the named organisers is present for the duration of the Street Party

– Is not a public event and is only advertised directly to the residents on the street

– Is not profit making and the activities are not commercial

– Takes place on one day only between the hours of 10am and 7.30pm with the road being opened again to all traffic no later than 8pm

Some Street Parties do have commercial or licensable activity.  We refer to these as ‘Street Events’ and will work with the organisers more closely.  ‘Street Events’ will require PLI and might incur other costs, such as for Road Closures.  Please fill in the Street Party application form and detail all activity and we’ll contact you directly if your event is a ‘Street Event’.

For larger events and commercial events, please use our online events application form.

Traditional Street PartyWWI street Party 50's


How to apply for a Street Party

Below we have pulled out the key steps you need to follow.

For more detailed information read our full Guidance Notes (.pdf)

There is a different online application form dependent on what month your street party is taking place.

2021 Deadlines and Application details will be online soon


1. Road Closure

There are some roads which cannot be closed for street parties, such as main roads, bus routes or emergency routes. Before you make any definite arrangements contact the Events team using the details further below to find out if all or part of your road can be closed.

2. Consultation

The Party organisers are required to contact all residents in the street to tell them about plans for the event. We have created some resources to help you do this and record your consultation.

Here is a link to an example consultation log you might like to consider using.

3. Application

We have a new simplified online application form and the links are found at the top of this page. It will only take you 10 minutes to fill in the form and submit it. Please made sure you fill in the correct form and don’t hesitate to contact the events team using the details further below if you have any questions or require any help.

Before applying, please make sure you are aware of our application deadline dates, as we process applications in batches depending on the month of your event.

4. Assessment

Once you have submitted your application the Events team will come back to you within 10 working days.  The events team will work with the Highways team to access the application form. We will come back to you if we need further information or if your application is for a Street Event.

5. Confirmation

Once we have accessed the application and ensured the road closure can take place we will contact you in writing to confirm the event can go ahead.

6. Traffic Notice and Barriers

We will send you the Road Closure Notice via email. This notice needs to be put up at least one week before the start of the event, at either end of the section of street to be closed. The notices will need to be taken down at the end of the event by the organisers as well.

We will also send you an application form to fill in which enables you to hire the road closure signs and barriers from Conways the LBL contractors. There is a cost associated with this.

7. Further information and links

For more information about running Street Parties:

The Street Party Site