Damage to Streatham Common

EventLambeth is aware of the ground damage on Streatham Common from the Circus Zyair vehicles.  This is not something that we condone and work was done by the events team on consultation with Lambeth Parks service to ensure that the event organiser had adequate protection and plans in place to manage careful vehicle movement.  These were agreed, however unfortunately the road works on Streatham Common South meant that the vehicle carrying the ground protection track way delivery couldn’t get through.

Parks and events officers have visited the Common yesterday to record the damage that is visible at present and so the reinstatement plans can start to be drawn up.  These will be undertaken by Lambeth Landscaping although if they don’t have the staff capacity we will bring in an external contractor so that the work is completed as quickly as possible.  The event is due to egress on Tuesday and we will be asking the organiser to provide a detailed plan of how they will manage this to prevent further damage.  The event organiser is aware that they are responsible for the costs of all reinstatement.  We have asked the organiser to fill in the deepest ruts while they are onsite to reduce the likelihood of trips and to put down additional matting between the big top and the toilets and along the path that the big top is off as it was noted yesterday people queuing to get in to the circus with buggies etc meant that those wanting to walk along the path had to step off on to the grass.

Going forward the events team will hold a moratorium on any events that take place before April on Streatham Common.  This will allow us to work with colleagues to understand the ongoing ground conditions and if there is work that can be done to alleviate the saturation at the base of the Common.  The traditional Benson’s Funfair visit in April has been swapped to the end of May, which means that until Kite Day on the 13th May there is nothing taking place.

This will not only enable the reinstatement works to take place and the ground to rest but works to address those areas where reinstatement has been undertaken but needs further consideration.  This will be in consultation with the parks service.  We will continue to provide updates via our social media and news pages.

If you have any further questions please contact the events team via events@lambeth.gov.uk or 020 7926 6207