Lambeth Green Spaces – in unexpected places


Across Lambeth there are many community green spaces in surprising places – growing flowers, fruit and veg.  Just like this beautiful corner above which has been turned into a lush green space.  It was many years ago a neglected cut through on the edge of a busy junction.  Do you know where it is?  I’ll give you a clue – it’s now fit for royalty! 

As we are all out cycling and walking and running a bit more you might have seen some other pop up planters and guerrilla gardens.  Some might have been part of the Incredible Edible Lambeth.    Their aim is to galvanise people and communities through growing and celebrating food.  They encourage people to look at their local patch and see how they can transform it into a food growing space.

Read more about what they do here and head to the walks section on the website and go for a wander through Lambeth and discover the orchard in the middle of Brixton and the Clapham Edible Bus stop – just for starters!

Send up your photos of your adventures.