Slowly drying out

October has been the WET WET WET with over 50% more rainfall than the average.


Friendsfest event on Kennington Park despite putting in additional ground cover and other measures to safeguard against bad weather were caught in torrential and constant rainfall.  The reinstatement to address the event impact has delayed until the weather improved and the ground dried out.


The herras fence line has finally come down today.  The company brought down extra crew and did all the work by hand.  The mini fork lift travelled on the paths only to collect and load up the truck.


Lambeth Landscapes team were on the park at the same time putting up a temporary fence around a smaller area where the ground reinstatement work is now being done.  To begin with the temporary fence will enclose around 60% of the South Field.  Over the coming week the ground works will be done and as this progress the fence line will be moved to enclose smaller areas and give greater access to wider area of the south field.


40 Tonne of soil has been distributed over areas and a further 20 tonne will be placed in te coming days.  Once the soil is levelled out it will will then have grass seed sown.  Seed is able to germinate in colder temperatures.  Once the next period of rain passes and all the leaves have fallen germination sheeting might also be placed over some areas to further nuture the seed and encourage germination.


All the costs for the reinstatement work are covered by the event organisers.  Lambeth Landscapes and EventLambeth officers monitor the park and the works area daily.  As work progress we’ll continue to update this blog.  However please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused and would like to thank all park users for their ongoing patience as the work is undertaken.