Winterville 2018

Winterville is back on Clapham Common. The event build began just over a week ago and in less than a week it will open to the public, on Thursday 15th November.

If you want to find out more about what’s on at Winterville then head to their website –

Once you are on Winterville website do have a look at the community page you will find information on local resident and businesses discounts and schools offers.

EventLambeth team have worked very closely with the event organisers and their new production company to ensure lessons learnt from the first year of Winterville have been carried over and improvements made.

Some of the changes for 2018 include:

a) Reduced overall footprint of the site by 20%
b) Increased ground protection
c) Robust vehicle management on site
d) All built structures are elevated and have temporary flooring – ensuring a gap between floor and grass for air circulation
c) More focus on family and children’s activities

You might have noticed that the event has taken longer to build this year. The extra days meant that all trackway and ground protection measures were in place before construction of the site began.

Reinstatement was a huge issue with the event in January this year when they came off site. This has been addressed in the planning application and event assessment process. EventLambeth will share further information towards the end of the Winterville run in December about the full reinstatement plan. But rest assured a Landscaping Company will be in place at the beginning of December to monitor the ground and will begin work as the event loads out.

Before the event opens on Thursday 15th November the organisers will need to do noise propagation tests. This is where they test sound systems and set the noise levels. The sound levels are agreed as part of the licensing process. Testing will take place on Wednesday 14th November between the hours of 11:30 and 16:00.

How do you get in touch with Winterville if you have an enquiry or complaint?

Winterville Community Line 0800 043 0308 or email

The phone and email are monitored throughout the event opening times

Lambeth Events are also able to be contact during office hours on 0207 926 6207 and when Winterville is open outside of office hours there will be an EventLambeth officer on call and can be contacted on the Out of Hours Number: 0207 926 9793 and you can contact us on